The Universe is Awesome!
The Universe is Awesome!

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Since the beginning of recorded history, people the world over have looked up at the night sky with fascination and awe. All those generations with one common purpose – to discover where they belong in the cosmic picture.

Today we still ask those same questions, but by in large, we have turned our gaze away from the stars. Our evenings are surrounded by the lights of our own making and we spend more time looking down at our mobile devices for instant gratification then staring up at the heavens in wonder. While technology has undoubtedly enriched our lives, it has not been without a cost: we have lost our connection to the night sky.

My name is Nick Termini and since I was a kid I’ve been more than just a little "star struck" by the cosmos and the mysteries it holds. As a professional with over twenty years in the Entertainment Industry I’ve had the privilege to work on documentaries like “The Universe” series for the History Channel, “How Stuff Works” and “Cosmic Collisions” for Discovery. Now I wish to take my passion for all things space related, along with my broadcast experience and create something entirely new – a documentary series on YouTube called “The Universe is Awesome!”

The concept is simple: Today, we are living in a golden age of astronomy. Amazing discoveries are made so often that many of the truly awesome revelations about our universe go unnoticed by the public at large. And when big news does hit the airwaves, often the information is presented in complex terms that can be hard to follow. The purpose of "The Universe is Awesome" is to bridge that gap by making these discoveries interesting and understandable – engaging people of all ages in the wonder of the universe, but most importantly, I want to reach our youth and ignite in them the same passion that I have for space exploration.

“The Universe is Awesome” will broadcast regularly on its own YouTube channel. In the series we’ll cover the cutting-edge ideas driving new scientific discoveries like the nature of reality, the search for alien life and how we might develop starships that can travel at warp speed. However, we’ll use real-world examples to illustrate these concepts in a way that makes them easy to understand as well as exciting to learn about.

Now, I’m not asking for your support sight unseen. The first episode of “The Universe is Awesome” is already online here. But, It’s taken me a very long time to deliver just this one episode. It was made using my own funds and with the support of only a few people. In order for me to create a regularly scheduled series of this quality, I really need your support.

By funding “The Universe is Awesome” you’ll be empowering me to build a team of talented professionals and create additional episodes. Your contribution will also allow us the ability to travel to exciting locations like JPL and Space X, going behind the scenes to meet with the people pushing the boundary of space exploration. But most importantly, you’ll be supporting our youth. Igniting their imagination and inspiring them to pursue their curiosity – To find their own answers to the mysteries of the universe.

I am passionate about what “The Universe is Awesome” is capable of accomplishing. It will entertain and inspire people of all ages, while at the same time, encourage our youth to be the pioneers of tomorrow’s scientific discoveries.Your support is essential to the success of this project. Together, lets create our own place of common purpose where we can ponder the nature of the cosmos and our place within it.

Thank you!

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