The Underwater Bubble
The Underwater Bubble

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About the book

Something is happening to the ocean!  

It’s up to Erin to find out what it is. This time the bubble takes Erin underwater to a whole new adventure full of mysteries and mermaids. Will she be able to help them? Will she be able to befriend Kai, the merman she has to work with? Will the new bonds of friendship be enough to save the ocean? The Underwater Bubble is Book 2 in the Magic Bubble Wand Series.

My Inspiration

Childhood memories of happily playing with bubbles for hours provided the inspiration for this series. Bubbles warp what we see and they change the light. As I looked at the changes within the bubbles, I would envision individuals who were enclosed in worlds different from the world I was living in. The imaginary worlds led to an adventure featuring a young heroine named Erin.  I wanted to gear my book toward ages 7-10 or a 3rd-4th grade reading level to address what I believe is a lack of good books for newly independent readers.  As a mom of four children, 3 of whom are girls, I also hope the young female character will inspire young girls. There aren’t enough young female characters who are strong and adventurous. I wanted to emphasize that girls can be brave, go on adventures and solve problems.


This book is the 2nd book in the series, The Magic Bubble Wand.  In the first book, The Castle in the Bubble, Erin travels to a medieval castle.  Mistaken for the princess who has gone missing, she finds herself in danger and on the adventure of a lifetime. With the help of her new friend, Jeffrey, Erin finds clues to the missing princess and fights to save the kingdom.

At the $20 and above tier you get both The Underwater Bubble and the first book, The Castle in the Bubble.

Ages 7-10

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