The Ultimate Segway Tour
The Ultimate Segway Tour

This project has already launched.

Wheeling City Tours is a Segway tour company in New London CT and according to Trip Advisor, it is the #1 “Thing To Do” in our little coastal city. I’m Dawn, the owner of the company and I love my job. I get to meet new people from all over the world, teach them how to use this totally cool technology, and then take them for Segway tours to show all the things I love about this corner of the world. When the tour season ends, I take time to study and learn more even more about the history, legends and lore of the region.


But for this year’s off-season, I want to do something bigger. MUCH BIGGER!! To be specific, on October 2, I am going to take the Ultimate Segway Tour from New London CT to Los Angeles, CA  I want to discover and share the stories of places we explore much as I do here in NLC. But I will not be alone. I’m bringing four Segways, three adventurers, and two dogs, and a film crew. Avalonia Films is comprised of my daughter, Kate, and Kate’s boyfriend, Brett.   Kate’s aunt, Allison, is incredibly resourceful and among the funniest women I have ever known. Sometimes we’ll glide two at a time just for the fun of it, but Allison will be my primary substitute on the Segway, as well as the utility woman on the team. Since we are playing by “Cannonball Run Rules” we will make allowances for any one of the crew to take a stint on the Segway as we aim to cover between 60 and 70 miles a day.   That’s a lot of gliding and I don’t want to hog all of the fun.


I am also a member of and legal advisor to the International Segway Polo Association (yep, Segway Polo is a real thing!) We hope to get to play some as we meet up with other players across the country. And most importantly our film crew will capture the entire adventure and produce a series of videos which will be posted on YouTube and a variety of social media.   If you check out our KickStarter video, you’ll see these film makers have some serious skills which I know will produce some hilarious and entertaining videos.


We expect The Ultimate Segway Tour to be approximately 4200 miles long and it should take approximately 2.5 months to traverse 19 states and hundreds of towns and cities. No interstate highways for us, just back roads and country byways.   Traveling between 10 to 12 miles an hour, we expect to meet all kinds interesting people, most of whom will never have seen or had the chance to try a Segway.  Oh yeah, we might even set a world record. But we could use some help.


What we need funds for:


What we need is to rent a home base RV to recharge the Segway batteries, our phones, our computers, our cameras, all of our technology and cut down on campground fees and hotel stays so we can maximize our time on the road.  The RV will also serve as our mobile studio so we can produce frequent content. We need a wifi hot spot to upload our videos while boondocking. We also need some specialized audio and video equipment. And if that weren’t enough we are raising funds for gas, food, laundry, supplies, and expenses we can’t even imagine (like vehicle repairs). We are hoping to raise $10,000 to make this production happen and we are asking you to help us.


In return you’ll get to enjoy the ride vicariously through the webseries we produce. Other rewards include postcards from the road, a mention or appearance in the webseries, a producer’s credit in the webseries t-shirts, baseball caps, a chance to name the 4 Segways we are taking on the road. You could even score a Segway tour in New London. And a lucky few may even join us on Segways for a stretch of the adventure. So if this sounds like something you’d like to see or be a part of, please consider supporting our KickStarter campaign.

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