The "Ultimate Pill Crusher" for Children With Cerebral Palsy, by NurSol Medical Products LLC


  “The Ultimate Pill Crusher” for Cerebral Palsy Children

“The Ultimate Pill Crusher” is a revolutionary patent pending (non-provisional patent pending), type One medical device that has a built-in spoon that enables for easy, convenient, and less time-consuming medication administration. “The Ultimate Pill Crusher” also reduces medication loss significantly, ensuring the patient gets the entire dose of prescribed medication.

The NurSol "Ultimate Pill Crusher" has been Specially Designed for Mothers whom care for Children with Cerebral Palsy.  

The “Ultimate Pill Crusher” simplifies medication administration significantly, will safe these Moms valuable time, and decrease medication administration daily frustrations.

Most of all most of these mothers are often very focused on their child’s health and comfort. They often manage their child’s seizure symptoms, pain/discomfort, pulmonary function, frequent infections, loss of bowel/bladder function, daily feeding’s through their child’s gastric tube (tube inserted for feeding liquid and medication administration), contracted/flaccid limbs, plus many more critical symptoms. They are often giving multiple medications five or more times daily to help control frequent symptoms which children with Cerebral Palsy display and can be detrimental to their health, if not managed properly with the appropriate medications.

Cerebral Palsy children require 100% total care, 24 hours a day. Most families manage this care without obtaining any home care support.


MY STORY: How The “Ultimate Pill Crusher” Was Created.

Ann Evans RN, BSN, has been in the field of nursing since 1997. She has specialized mostly in the field of critical care. She often would see how a medical device was used in the clinical field and think to herself “there has to be a better way to do this”.

When my son, was six he was diagnosed with severe Asthma, requiring frequent monthly breathing treatments, oral steroids and oral antihistamines. When my son was seven he was diagnosed with ADHD, and was placed on a specific medication for that condition. When my son was young he could take the liquid form of medications but as he got older he had to switch to the pill form because not all his medications were available in liquid form, at his prescribed dose.

Day after day, I would carefully prepare his daily morning medications.  I would put applesauce on a spoon; open the pill capsule slightly above the applesauce as carefully as possible, yet many of the small medication beads would always fall around the spoon onto the counter. Also, the medications I was able to crush in a pill crusher, would always stick into the bottom and top of the tiny square indents of the crusher, requiring much time to dig out the stuck medication. I often would have to get a toothpick to lift the stuck medication from the groves. It was a daily frustration and inconvenience.

Then one day it became an obvious solution as my 7 year old son said to me “Mommy, you need to invent a device that keeps all that medication from falling off the spoon and then you can just put it right in my mouth” That is how I thought up the design for the “Ultimate Pill Crusher”. A Pill Crusher with a removeable spoon. A device that allows you to crush your medications and then easily remove them with a removable built-in spoon.   

I wanted to find the Moms whom would benefit from my device the most because I wanted to make their life a little easier, as they were preparing their child’s daily medications.  

I have been given the opportunity to interview many mothers of Cerebral Palsy Children and greatly admire their strength, dedication and knowledge they possess about their child’s disability.  I decided three years into my collected research, the first group I wanted to experience the benefits of my device was mothers whom care for their child with Cerebral Palsy. These Mothers are such a dedicated loving group of individuals that give total care to their child daily, often without a break or help.

I found a way to give Moms Caring for Cerebral Palsy Children…. ONE small break, maybe once or maybe several times daily. No more digging out stuck medication from your pill crusher, no more needed dry medication transfers, no more spilled dry medication on your counter, no more steps making sure you dig out the all the medication mixed with applesauce from the second medication cup….The “Ultimate Pill Crusher” will save these Moms time and daily medication preparation frustrations.   

About Ann Evans RN, BSN, the Business Owner of NurSol Medical Products LLC.

Ann Evans is a trained BSN Registered Nurse. She obtained her nursing degree from Ohio, in 1997. She has fifteen years’ experience in ICU’s nationwide. She has also worked in fast paced cardiology physician office settings, hospice care and medical research settings.

Ann Evans EN, BSN, has taught Legal Nurse Consulting to Registered Nurses nationwide and wrote a course approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing in this field of study.

Ann Evans RN, BSN, named her company NurSol because the “Ultimate Pill Crusher” is a nursing solution (NurSol) to the problems many individuals have daily while crushing their medications.

Ann Evans goal is to solve these daily medication preparation and administration problems, that so many individuals encounter, by bringing the revolutionary “Ultimate Pill Crusher” to the market for Moms caring for Children with Cerebral Palsy Nationwide.






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