The Ultimate Audio-responsive Neon Glow Headphones
The Ultimate Audio-responsive Neon Glow Headphones

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Now on Kickstarter: Night Rhythm, the First Audio-responsive Headphones That Glow to the Beat of the Music

Ideal for concerts, night jogs and parties, Night Rhythm’s cables flash brilliantly with colorful neon lights that transform the wearer’s experience


Sherman Oaks, CA- Night Rhythm headphones are a wired, in-ear experience that help take music and fun to the next level. The high-quality headphones have incredible, audiophile sound, beautiful external aesthetics and audio-responsive technology. Currently, Night Rhythm is hosting a campaign on Kickstarter to raise $35,000 in funding to finalize production.


Night Rhythm comes with a cable that glows in two different ways. The first is Flash Mode, which makes the cable glow a neon color to the beat of the music. Using audio-responsive technology, the headphones are able to detect and register what the wearer is listening to when connected to a source and the cable will light up. The second mode is Steady Mode. In this mode, the cables have a constant glow.


“Night Rhythm Headphones are designed with every wearer in mind,” said Night Rhythm CEO David Surber. “Not only do these innovative headphones make the wearer stand out in a crowded party, they are ideal for safety at night when walking or jogging and are perfect for the growing trend of silent discos and raves.”


Night Rhythm Headphones are compatible with a 3.5mm jack, which is the standard for popular phones and devices such as Apple, Nokia, Samsung and LG. The ergonomic earpiece allows for all day and night comfort and stability during various activities. The one-meter-long connected cable can also be used as a microphone so the wearer is able to take calls easily.


The sound quality surpasses standard headphones with an impedance of 16Ω ±10%, a frequency response of 20-20KHz and sensitivity of 110±3dB (at 1KHZ 1mw). The rated input is 10mW with a channel balance of R-L≤3dB. The battery life is approximately three hours of light per charge.


Right now, Night Rhythm is offering Kickstarter backers the headphones at a discounted price. Early Bird prices start at $48 for one and $115 for two. To learn more or to pre-order, please visit


About Night Rhythm

As an environmentalist, Dave Surber truly thrives when he’s enjoying time in the great outdoors, whether surfing at the beach or spending time rock climbing in the mountains. He is a lifelong music lover and has seen the parallel between the natural world and music in a way that breathes life into his unique inventions. Surber hopes to inspire a new generation with his products. To learn more about Night Rhythm, visit

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