The Traveler
The Traveler

Hello, we are Nicolás Zuasti and Valentina Mele, founders of Imaginatio Software.

We finally decided to make a leap of faith and let our dreams come true by starting as  a tiny litlle Game Developing Enterprise in our own home town, Paysandú - Uruguay.

We have been all over the place as freelancers, doing web development, and major software production. Always dreaming about doing what we trully love, making games.

The traveler

Our first game!. Please feel free to try the online demo

The traveler is a really fun way to explore the most famous regions of the world while learning about they most notorious features.

This is a point and click 2D arcade game that will be launched for PC, web and mobile devices .

Each level will represent a city or place in the world that has colorful history and features. Every level will present you with a core functionality that can be viewed in the video, a mechanic specific for every city or place and perhaps one or two fun secrets.

What this game represents for us

This game represents the realization of our dreams.

 As long time gamers, there is only one thing we enjoy more than playing fun, true and honest games, that is making them.

While making this game we set ourselves on a journey to stabilsh the first Game Company in our home town, giving young local talents a reason to stay here and develop the kind of life they have only dreamed about.

We will only make this possible with the help of people like you, and for that help there we gave you our eternal gratitude.

What we need

Simply put we need money, that money will be used in:

  • Interns salaries

We have enlisted the help of 3 young developers that are pretty happy to be working with us for free. But they do so much, and are so amazing with us that we would really love to give them something back.

  • Graphical and sound assets

At the moment we have no artists working with us. So little is our home town that every designer moves to the capital city to work. We have no other choice but to hire remote professionals to help us make this game.

  • Hardware

We will buy working stations for our interns that aren't meant to be shown in museums!

 Intrested in helping us?

Please feel free to visit our campaing at indiegogo following the next link: The Traveler Campaign

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