The Time Travelling Freelancer
The Time Travelling Freelancer

The Time Travelling Freelancer (TTF) is a collaborative, living guidebook—a project to bring the freelance community together as a whole, to connect and support each other and to contribute to each other's successes.

In it, we have interviewed established, successful freelance professionals and asked them one basic question:

"If you could go back in time and start again, what would you do differently?"

The Ideal Resource

It's the question we've all asked ourselves at one time or another. With perfect hindsight, we'd all have reached our personal goals faster, enjoyed greater successes sooner and avoided the mistakes that now seem so obvious.

By answering that one question, our contributors cover every important aspect of working as a freelancer:

  • Formulating the initial idea 
  • Cultivating the essential mindset
  • Finding the right clients 
  • Building a support network 
  • Gathering funding 
  • and much more...

The Time Travelling Freelancer Manual is the information from the trenches. We haven't interviewed any 'gurus' or 'coaches'. Just real people who have faced the daily challenges of freelance life and lived to tell, and share, the tale!

Much More Than Just A Guidebook

The inspiration for the TTF concept came from remembering the challenges and difficulties of setting up as a freelancer myself 10 years ago. Being able to find the regularly updated, real world information I needed in one place, indexed and easy to find, would have been extremely useful to me.


Where Can A Freelancer Go For Their 'Water Cooler' Moments?


But beyond that, if I'd been able to identify and actually talk, one-to-one, with established professionals in my field and ask their advice, it would have saved me so much time. Having that kind of guidance that can’t be found in books would have set me on the path quicker.

Time, for a beginning freelancer, is incredibly precious. How do you find someone to go to during those times when you're facing a challenge and you need someone on the inside to bounce ideas off, someone who understands the exact situation and can help guide you through? 


Bringing Freelancers Together

The TTF Manual will contain a profile of every one of our contributors and subscribers, with a list of their specialities to allow you to identify the ideal person to talk to.

Once you have found the freelancer that you need to contact, TTF will arrange a 10-minute Skype conversation between you, set for a time that suits both parties.

Ask any freelancer and they'll tell you, meeting the right person at the right time played a huge part in their success. Our contributor profiles and 10-minute Q&A sessions allow you to 'be' in that right place with that right person more often.

The TTF Manual is bringing together the best elements of Wikipedia, LinkedIn and Tinder—and uniting the freelance community!


Why Kickstarter?

We need the backing of the Kickstarter program to fund the initial gathering and putting together of the information from freelancers, as well as setting up our website and directory and to create the phone app that will let you select the professional you want to talk to. We've received great feedback from our network and we're hoping that The TTF will grow to be a household name in the freelance world.
















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