The Tech Titan Summit
The Tech Titan Summit

This project has already launched.

The Tech Titan Summit---Tech Gods vs. Tech Titans!!!

We just started a campaign to try and create a conference which increases the visibility of people who are trying to get better jobs, or are trying to finance their fledgling companies.  

The focus, initially, is in technology, but we believe that thousands of people get stuck in dead-end jobs because they are not able to market themselves very well.  

We chose a Greek theme for The Tech Titan Summit because millions of people are employed by the Tech Titans (i.e. large corporate technology companies) of the world---and it just seemed to us that many of the people who get stuck behind their cubicles working so hard for the Tech Titans, wind up becoming limited with respect to their career opportunities.  

These hard workers, these "Tech Gods," are kept way too busy by their boss, and are usually always surrounded by their peers.  This kind of environment makes it very difficult to network, face-to-face with a room full of potential hiring companies, and this is the problem The Tech Titan Summit resolves. 

Additionally, many Tech Gods are very creative and invent new products, but experience difficulty in raising capital.  The Tech Titan Summit also helps resolve this problem, as well.

The Summit will create a mechanism where inventors can get in front of investors, "live," and not have middle men stand between them and their investor audience. Tech Gods, Inc., a new company, is the creator of The Tech Titan Summit and doesn't charge a finder's fee, or commission on any investments created from the Summit.  We do charge a 7% employment placement fee for jobs created through the event, however, this fee is less than half the recruiting industry's average fee, which can range from 15% to 50%.  We also charge for booths, corporate and investor admissions and for those Tech Gods who want to attend the Summit, but do not wish to be represented by us.  Further details are on our web site:

As mentioned in the introduction, above, The Tech Titan Summit pits "Tech Gods" (technologists) against Tech Titans (hiring companies and technology investors), in an entertaining Summit which is a cross between "Shark Tank" and "American Idol."  

On stage, in front of the audience in New York City, Tech Gods compete with each other to become the crowned champion "Tech God."  The winner will go to Las Vegas for a chance at the national championship.

Along the way, everyone participating in the Summit gets the chance to dramatically increase their own personal marketability with the audience at the Summit, increasing their odds for a good job, or investment in their company.

Throughout the day, Tech Gods network with some of the busiest people on earth. They make their mark with the Tech Titans, build a rapport with those titans who fit their career and investment objectives, and meet the professionals who can help advance their careers via employment, or investment offers.

The Tech Titan Summit provides four main networking opportunities which are designed to maximize a Tech God's marketing offensive:

The Tech Titan Table

The Tech Titan Table---this is where a lot of the action is during the day.  The Tech Titan Table is set up to "speed date" with companies and investors.  Each Tech God gets five personal minutes to state his, or her, case.  This may include discussing their main skills in software, hardware, gaming, theory, architecture, circuit design, scientific applications, engineering applications, etc., or it may be explaining a product, invention, or idea.  This allows smart people to broaden their horizons, very quickly, by increasing their visibility with influential companies and investors.  Ideally, the Tech Gods will home-in on the companies and investors which best match their skills, or product/idea.  Many organizations are seeking brilliance, and a Tech God may very well wind up with an offer for a job, or investment, from a source he, or she, didn't expect.

Tech Gods Network the Super Titans

The Tech Gods network at the booths and among the investors throughout the Summit Hall, and follow up on appointments made with Tech Titans during speed dating at the Tech Titan Table.  This allows them to follow up on initial contacts made during their 5-minute "date."

Tech Gods & Tech Titans Network Aphrodite's

Tech Gods and Tech Titans, alike, will enjoy "Aphrodite's Bar."  This will be a place to hang out inside, or in close proximity to, the Summit Hall.  The objective is to provide a networking area in which the attendees can relax.  In the history of America, millions of deals have been negotiated by relaxing and hashing out---on a napkin---the fine points of a deal.

The Tech God Stage

In a cross between American Idol and Shark Tank, the Tech Gods present their skills, capabilities, inventions, games, products, technology, and/or company to the Summit Hall.  These presentations are completed in about the same amount of time it takes an American Idol contestant to perform a song.  The show will be fast paced and for the audience in attendance---fun and interesting.

It is difficult to find top talent in the technology field efficiently, and the Summit aims to do just this.  It Companies can save money via reduced recruiting fees and the Summit has a chance to disrupt the small-to-medium sized broker dealer business, which often preys on young tech companies.  Without incurring a fee for investing and with a direct pipeline to the talent, investors should get a real bargain and great variety of top talent to review and choose from at the Summit.

The Summit is designed to help a person expand his, or her, visibility, marketability, and improve the chances for big increases in a person's comp plan.  It also increases the odds of achieving investment objectives for young companies particularly, through the interjection of a little open and honest competition and fun.

Tech Titan Summit Possible Venue Locations

Tech Gods, Inc. has investigated a large number of potential venues.  Fortunately, there are an abundance of them in New York City.  The top three places, given the initial take on possible attendance and the "feel" of the venue, which in our opinion is best when it has a personality and ambiance conducive to "meet and greets,"   are as follows:

Playstation Theater---Times Square

 New York Marriott Marquis---Times Square

 New York Hilton---Midtown

No Commissions on Tech Titan Investments in Tech Gods

 Neither Tech Gods, Inc., nor anyone affiliated with Tech Gods, Inc., receives any commission, or incentive payment, for providing the vehicle of The Tech Titan Summits for technologists, or their potential investors.

Tech Gods, Inc. survival depends on:  

1) Being an agent for Tech Gods in their employment searches; and  

2) The revenues it generates from admission fees from the general public, as well as the fees paid by corporations and investors for booths and admittance to a Tech Titan Summit.

Tech Titan Summit---Different Than Other Conferences

The Tech Titan Summit will be action packed.  Every aspect is geared toward helping the Tech God network with the Tech Titan!

The Summit is designed to help the creators of leading-edge software, gaming, virtual reality, mathematics, engineering, or scientific technology applications.  If they also are growing young technology companies, are hungry for growth capital and are seeking investors, we are hoping they will make the Tech Titan Summit a priority.

Further details about the event and its creator, Tech Gods, Inc., are available at: or Highlights include: downloadable rules and conditions of The Tech Titan Summit, downloadable Agent Agreement, downloadable Broadcaster Request for Bid, Press page, Tech Titan page, Tech God page, registration information, along with plans for the locations of future summits, and an abundance of other details.  The actions commences April 20, 2017.

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