The Tag App
The Tag App

What if we brought the technology of mobile apps out away from our thumbs and into the real world?

Technology is advancing pretty rapidly in today's world. There are millions of mobile developers out there with incredible talents but they are constricted to an 10 square inch screen. It is time to unleash them. We beileve that there is a new generation of mobile applications. With your help, it could be the future generation. We are FugenApps and we want you to be part of the future generation too.

Here at FugenApps, we believe that the future generation isn't necessarily improving the technology behind apps. We just think we need to get out of the box. Literally! Our apps take the application outside of the rectangle of an iphone and bring the technology out into the real world. Our first app that we will be crowdfunding is called Tag. Chances are, you have already played! Just without the technology part.

When you pull up the app on your phone, it gives you an option to play. You then find a friend who has the app and sync up with them with your phone numbers or social media. When you click play, a screen counts down 3, 2, 1, YOU'RE IT! In those short three seconds, you are matched with your friend within a two mile vicinity. They are notified that you are it too and now their goal is to get within 200 feet of you. You're goal is to avoid them. This is all powered through GPS and each player gets a GPS on their phone as they are playing showing where the other person is represented as a dot. The games are capped at 30 minutes. Don't like being it? No worries! Every time you play, you get to switch off between being it and not being it.

This is  the start of an application revolution and FugenApps needs YOUR help to make these ideas a reality. In reality, we don't really want you to fund Tag. We want you to help fund our vision for mobile applications and show that we can use more than our thumbs to use a mobile app. To open up the reigns to the developers to develop games knowing that the world is their playground, not a 10 square inch screen.

If you believe in this vision just like us, please consider adding your name to the email list to help us make it a reality. You could be more than a part in history. You can help create history but it starts with us. If you want to see this app come alive and see future apps develop too, it starts with us. If you are ready, join us.

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