The Survival Games
The Survival Games

The Survival Games is a first person multiplayer video game. The game is currently in steady development for Windows and Mac and later possibly Linux.

In The Survival Games, you will be thrown into large detailed arenas and then forced to fight for survival and be the last man standing. You have total freedom to how you will accomplish victory. You can choose to ally with other people, but in the end you will be forced to kill them. The choice is yours!.

You will also be met with the challenge of hunger, thirst and fatigue. That means that you will need to forage and hunt for food.

The Survival Games will feature an extensive arsenal of weapons comprising of mostly melee weapons. Ranged weapons like bows and throwing weapons is also planned.

At release, The Survival Games will contain 1-3 arenas, containing each of their own challenges and events. Even when the game is done, we will keep adding content updates to it.

The Survival Games will be powered by the extremely powerful engine, Unreal Engine 4 created by the magnificent Epic Games.


The Survival Games is a temporary name. If anyone has ideas for a great name then feel free to comment us your suggestions. Who knows, maybe you will get a reward if we choose your name.


Kind Regards,

Tobias Nyholm Maneschijn

Last Man Interactive.

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