The Strongest Link
The Strongest Link

This project has already launched.

The Strongest Link

The people behind the strongest link are 2 passionate entrepreneurs that both has ideas, a flame to do something big and hearts to go with it.

First out there is
Tommy (that is me)
I am a father of 2 wonderful girls, that found the love for Functional Fitness and OCR 2015, and has since then competed in about 20-25 different obstacle races around Sweden and Denmark.
in 2015 I also founded from my own pocked ToBo Fitness, where i set up outdoor training groups in smaller towns, where i help people find the love in working out and giving them the gift of doing it outdoors.

Then we have
Achilles Mollstam
of the nicest people you will ever find out there, with the love for both History and OCR, he has created his own Obstacle brand called Berzerk, where you not only run an ordinary OCR, but you actually go through the History of Helsingborg doing so, meeting Vikings, "Karoliner", cannonfire and more throughout the 8km race that in 2018 will have its 3rd edition.

The Idea for "The Strongest Link" came to me about a year ago, and then i didnt know how to really realize it. I knew i wanted to do this real bad, so every time i got new ideas for it, i wrote them down on small sticky notes, to keep for when i knew i could do this.

So when watching Crossfit Games this year, i knew i had something real good, and i told my ideas to Achilles and we both fell in love with it, talking for our of how to do this.

we agreed that 2018 would be the year it would go from idea to reality, and here we are.

We have launched the website, opened up for people to sing up, and there is a huge interest for this, as its something new, something different, we are not just another OCR, we are a real competition, we put something new to the race, and we challenge the runners in a new way, and we at the same time bring in a new type of athletes, making the regular winners not so obvious to win any more.

The help we now need from you is to realize the obstacles we will need to build and the workout zones that we are setting up, this is the first year, but the dream and the plan is to make this to a series of competition that leads up to one big final event in 2019 or 2020.

But to make that happen we need to make 2018 to be the biggest of successes!

we want people to line up to be part of this competition and with YOUR HELP we can do 

What We Need & What You Get

We need 50000SEK to make this event a reality this year
with that funding we will be able to get the best gears and materials and help to build the obstacles
We are both willing to work day and night, in everything!

If you contribute we will not only be grateful for helping us build this dream!
You will also be put into the History of this event
We plan to make a plaque with the Names of everyone that helps out
You will have your name displayed on the Obstacle creation display and in the aftermovie

On top of that a special Contributor shirt will be created in your name

and the Final gratitude there will be a hur Price special made for the winning team that will be on display for all upcoming events, and Your name will be forever set on that for everyone to see

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