The Story of a Girl Named Luna - Sophomore Album Release
The Story of a Girl Named Luna - Sophomore Album Release

This project has already launched.


"The Story of a Girl Named Luna" is going to be my sophomore album. I need your help to make it possible. Naturally since composing is my full time job, I don't have a lot of money. I'd rather be a starving artist and love my job than be miserable with lots of money. Music is my passion and I truly do give it my all. As far as this album goes, it is going to be one of my most ambitious projects yet. A two disc, 24 track album, making it my biggest project to date. 

A little about the album: Luna is a girl who has her problems. She's never been well liked and she's always been a bit of an outsider. She's afraid of many things with good reason. Throughout the album it tells her story of her struggles and the choices she makes and the consequences that follow. She's an interesting girl that you'll definitely want to learn about. 

I need your help to make it come true. Bring Luna to life. Listen to her story. Because she has a lot to say. 

Risks and challenges

Telling Luna's story is a reflection of my life. Obviously not exactly because of reasons that will become evident throughout the album. I've had personal struggles. I've been through a lot mentally. Completing this album will be like telling my story, the pain I've felt and the people I've hurt. Life is really hard. And getting through this album will be my confession.

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