The Splash Baby - The First Bathtub Water Guard For Kids
The Splash Baby - The First Bathtub Water Guard For Kids

We are proud to introduce a solution to an age old issue - Splashing!

For hundreds of years parents everywhere have settled for cleaning up the bath aftermath! 

We were tired of settling for slipping on water puddles, ruined floors, and unnecessary clean-up every night and decided to create a solution that made bath time more enjoyable for both children and parents everywhere!

The Splash Baby is the FIRST and ONLY splash guard that keeps all that high quality H2O in the bathtub where is belongs. 

Our children's imaginations run wild - and this doesn't exclude bath time. Whether you have a mermaid in the Blue Lagoon, a captain fighting off patch-eyed pirates, or a professional weather man who always predicts rain and hurricanes - we have you covered during any adventure.

 -Instant solution to all bath time issues
 -Provides a positive interaction between both children and parents.
 -Multi-function allows use for both children and pets. 
 -Designs the whole family will love 
 - No more extra towels on the floor 

 -Clear design allows parents to watch their children at all times
 -Retractable for easy use and storage
 -14" height allows easy access and ability to wash and play
 -2" hang inside the bathtub ensures that when water hits the splash guard it rolls seamlessly back into the bathtub - no pooling of water on  the sides.
 -built in squeegee to allow the disposal of left on water before entering the container - preventative measure to reduce possible mold 


Launching on Kickstarter February 20th, 2017!

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