The Society Nightlife Card
The Society Nightlife Card

This project has already launched.

The Society is growing fast.  Apparently we're not the only ones who love to enjoy a cold one after work, go for a late night meal at the local pub, or party the night away at our favorite club, go figure!  

The Society Nightlife Card acts as a unique pass.  When shown to the front desk or server at any of the accepting locations (list on website, the card holder is granted a unique perk or discount such as skipping the line, no cover charge, complimentary food/drinks, or free show tickets.

The Society Nightlife Card works for life, there is no subscription and no additional fees, just show your card and reap the rewards!

We are passionate about connecting everyone with local nightlife, making it more accessible, more involving, and more affordable!  The Society is constantly striving to expand into new cities, to include as many bars, pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs as possible onto The Society Nightlife Card.  We need your help in growing.  A little help with our marketing efforts will go a long way.  Pledge money will go toward our advertising and marketing budget to new nightlife venues, we want to pack as much value as possible onto your Society Nightlife Card.  Included in our yearly goals is the development of our new mobile app which will help make The Society more accessible than ever before.  Thank you all!

For more info please see our website:

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