The SHEL: A Shelter for Your Hammock
The SHEL: A Shelter for Your Hammock



Sleeping in a hammock overnight gets COLD. You need something to keep your back nice and toasty. Our product, the SHEL, is just that – a “shell” that fits around any camping hammock to provide a warm, waterproof, yet breathable shelter. On top of that, it packs down to be lighter and smaller than any other hammock insulator on the market.

The SHEL provides the the simplest and lightest way to get outdoors without costing you comfort. It keeps your pack light. It keeps you warm and dry, and protects you from bugs. The SHEL incorporates features of the best outdoor shelters in a way that is truly innovative and unique.



The SHEL keeps you warm with two major design features:

Warm Air Trap:

Like a double pane window, the SHEL insulates you using air. This means there’s less material that you need to carry! Once fully closed, the SHEL traps a few inches of insulative air between your back side and the SHEL. While the SHEL itself is made with high loft goose down, a lot of the insulation actually comes from the bed of warm air trapped above and beneath you. In fact, a thin layer of motionless air insulates you even better than down.

Heat-Reflective Lining:

At room temperature, your body loses over 60% of its body heat through (infrared) heat radiation. That means that your body becomes a lightbulb of heat at night (you can see all of that lost energy with heat-vision goggles). Like many sleeping pads and a few jackets out on the market, the SHEL uses a heat-reflective liner on the inside to retain that heat your body worked so hard to make. The lining is incredibly lightweight, but gives a huge boost in warmth.



The SHEL weighs less than a chihuahua (29oz) and packs down to just 1.8 liters. That’s extremely compact.



The top side of the SHEL is made with a highly water resistant fabric (dump buckets on it if you want). We’ve glued the seams shut to ensure there’s no leakage. The SHEL is breatheable because of vents and windows we’ve included in our latest design. These handy features prevent condensation build up, and help you see your surroundings.



Slide it under your armpits like a sleeping bag if you prefer, or protect yourself from the elements and cinch the top shut. We don’t mind. It’s your SHEL!

We’ve also incorporated windows into the SHEL so you can enjoy your view of nature while fully enclosed. The interior is roomy and spacious. It doesn’t put pressure on your shoulders or restrict movement. Getting that diagonal hang is no problem.

No Bugs, No Bites:

The SHEL doubles as a bug net to protect you from uninvited guests. We’ve got mesh over the windows so you don’t have to share your warmth with mosquitos.

Tension Line:

The tension line acts like a ridgeline on other tarps, and keeps the SHEL off your face. This gives you a tent-like experience.  You can easily adjust the tension line from inside the hammock to hang high or lay low with you. You can hang lights, your phone, or your gear from the line, making your gear safe and accessible from inside your SHEL. If you have wifi, you can even stream your favorite music or videos to help you enjoy your experience.

Leave the tent, sleeping bag, pad, tarp, and bug net behind – journey on. 


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