The Ryda - Sin City Diaries: Chapter 2
The Ryda - Sin City Diaries: Chapter 2

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that special place anywhere on this planet! "Home, Sweet Home" for everyone - and The Ryda

Who the f?$! is The Ryda?!? Might be you! Important is that, "The Voice of Sin City" will always speak up and hold it down for the Ryda's worldwide - for anybody with a Ryda instinct! Let's move on...

So what's the definition of a Ryda: A Male | Female, always in progressive movement to enjoy | ​survive life, and do positive for him- | herself and others by any means necessary!

Besides, regardless of religious background, skin color or culture...we are all breathing the same air, walking the same ground and doing the same s#!?! How egoistic to give him a face!

The Sin City Diaries is a unique series of individual Chapters, reflecting life in various ways from different perspectives, yeah, sometimes provocative or deep or whateva - but always raw.

Each Chapter consists of 6 Songs and international productions, based on experimental styles containing a wide-ranged influence of unique sound beyond Hip Hop and Dancehall.

It's about the music - and action speaks louder than words, lean back and hear for yourself...

Listen to the debut: Sin City Diaries - Chapter 1: The Uncensored Prologue


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Now, time has come for the next Chapter to take it to another level! In comparison to the first Chapter, especially musically there's something cooking - smelling spicy and delicious...

Here's an upfront taste: The Chapter 2 Sneak Preview Teaser Snippet! Hope you'll enjoy...

The Name of the follow-up is safe, but we thought this would be a nice opportunity to share with you. What's your suggestion on a suitable title? Any great ideas? Let us know!

What's the destination? Where are we going? To be honest, there's only one real answer... We don't know! Sky is the limit! The harder we put in work together, the higher we fly...

To give and take - that's what it's all about! Each contribution will definitely be appreciated thankfully. There are different levels of rewards when supporting the movement, ranging from:

• Twitter ShoutOut

• Your Name on our Sin City Page of Honor incl. an optional Link to your Social Network

• Member of Honor Wallpaper for your Mobile Phone incl. your Name

• Custom Made Ringtone ShoutOut from The Ryda

• Digital Copies of Sin City Diaries - Chapters 1 & 2 (320kBit/s MP3's)

• Limited Edition Tee / Hoody

• Limited Edition CD's of Sin City Diaries - signed by The Ryda w/ personal dedication

• Exclusive Surprise

Other Merchandise Products such as Flexfit Caps, Bags and more are available on request.

Fact is, great achievements are based on great partnerships - and we are searching to find the real, honest and loyal ones out there! Are you one of those personalities? Are you a Ryda?

The more we are, louder we speak!

If you want to join the movement, then we proudly welcome you to our global community!

Feel free to visit Homebase @


The Ryda is a passionate, authentic and serious artist. He's been up in the kitchen and is cooking up those goods - Chapter 2 is almost ready to finally get served!

Due to the fact that Sin City Ent. takes their work seriously and a previous Chapter has already been released, there is nearly no risk and challenge in the completion of this project and the rewards you can choose from during this exclusive KICKSTARTER campaign.

All contibutions will additionally be invested to fuel-up and get it moving on these streets with possible PR Campaigns and Buy-In Ops. Yes, your support can make a difference!

Music is Life! For the people - by the people! So let's make it happen together...

United We Stand - Divided We Fall! Love | Honor | Respect

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