The Rocket Factory
The Rocket Factory

To launch on £100,000 funding requested. 10% equity offered. SERVICES

The Rocket Factory (TRF), a arts atelier and creatives’ salon based in Kings Cross, London, will help its triple-vetted clientele and their businesses gain exposure by nurturing creative collaborations and partnerships with the city’s best new talent to the industries’ biggest players.

Comprised bar & lounge, co-working and artistic spaces, TRF will function as an interactively designed and culturally vibrant space to work, collaborate, host, and socialise.

Lectures, screenings, performances and bespoke networking and mentorship opportunities further drive collaborative efforts.

Traditional clubs polarise members by status, turning off many talented would-be subscribers. The Rocket Factory is different. We champion a more artistically democratic experience for the whole TRF community.

TRF's 3-month pop up salon will offer invitees and curated members of the public a chance to sample the club's offerings, enabling the business to test the market and gain traction.


Cultivating an environment that actively promotes integration and creative exchange between members, The Rocket Factory will drastically change the way its creatives (those in music; design; fashion; film/tv; media; architecture; performing, visual & literary arts) engage with one another and their own artistic projects.

By providing bespoke social functions and networking services and introductions, The Rocket Factory aims to be the first resource its members come to when looking to hire a consultant for a creative project, fill a permanent role, entertain clients, expand their existing network or plug-in and get down to work before enjoying that well-earned cocktail.

For the fledgling creative, establishing oneself in London can be difficult: networking events prove daunting and cold-call CV submissions demoralising. For well-established creatives both freelance and corporate, it's paradoxically complicated to single out specialist creative services or find the right candidate to make the next campaign come to life.

TRF will provide a platform for young members to launch their creative work, meet potential clients and receive rare mentorship opportunities from some of the industries’ most esteemed creative professionals. Equally, it connects well-established members with one another, fostering business building partnerships that push the boundaries of cross-industry collaborations.

By their nature, members clubs are exclusive. Like an academy, The Rocket Factory's ethos utilises external exclusivity for internal creative democracy. As such the application process is rigorous, but one that ultimately provides all members the best environment for collaboration with a trusted pool of connections. Applicants are proposed by current members; a portfolio review of the candidate's work follows; finally a personal interview helps the committee gauge an applicant's fit and his/her level of commitment to potential collaborations.


The Rocket Factory’s business model is built on the belief that responding to member demands paves the way to profit. Remaining flexible by assigning financial momentum to client services and facilities they actively require, TRF can develop its reputation, gain traction, drive revenue streams and expansion opportunities while keeping costs wrangled to the best of the model's abilities.

As such TRF's business model functions much like that of a typical London members club, with revenue streams accruing from the following:

- Joining fee: members 1-500: £84; 501-1000: £146; 1000+: £208
- Annual dues: 1-500: £313; 501-1000: £406; 1000+: £500
- Alcohol & beverage sales
- Co-working desk rentals (Y1+; flexible terms)
- Office hire: meeting rooms, equipment, printing services
- Specialised services: personal assistance, mail forwarding, etc.
- Private hire: awards functions
- Ticket sales: film screenings, gallery exhibitions (sold to non-members)

All prices ex VAT. To attract fresh talent, an Under 30 scheme will reduce the permanent space membership rates by 30%.

- Monthly dues (£20; 3 months up front: £50)
- Alcohol & beverage sales
- Office hire: equipment, printing services
- Specialised services: Personal assistance
-Ticket sales: film screenings, exhibition (sold to non-members)

TRF's expansion prospects aim to develop partnerships with London's most esteemed creative organisations, arts institutions, universities and multimedia studios to provide existing members far-reaching creative services beyond TRF's walls. It will actively work to form reciprocal membership alliances with overseas clubs ensuring competitive membership benefits.

With steady traction (2500+ members, anticipated end Q1, Y4), The Rocket Factory will expand its services by providing a full-service restaurant, cinema/screening room, expanded co-working facilities and overall footprint within its Kings Cross location.

TRF will cap membership at 4,300 members.



Of the nearly 700,000 people working in London's creative sector, 134,000 are freelancers or "freeroamers" due to the decade's recent rise in work mobility.

TRF's target market is broken down into four "tiers" of member:

T1 members are key to the rocket factory’s later reputation and holistic success. With a long-established career in the independent creative scene, T1 act as a steering committee to potentiate from their rolodex the addition of other high profile members, acting as ambassadors to the TRF brand. Key T1 members have a desire to actively give back to the TRF creative community onsite via lectures, performances, and/or mentorship or at a distance with creative collaborations and endorsements.

Tier 2 members are equally pivotal to TRF's development. Developing a widening public profile in their respective field, they may have won awards for their work but are as yet only well-known in niche creative circles. Their rising star status positions them well for collaboration and mentorship with Tier 3 & 4 members, but equally, these lower tiered members can serve as excellent resources to T2.

Tier 3 members are core to TRF’s business model. These members have a limited public profile but their experience and qualifications range from junior roles to senior or executive roles to freelancers and company founders. These members are highly innovative, entrepreneurial and looking to launch or enhance their creative careers and/or collaborate with other well-established members as well as discover young talent to work with.

Tier 4 members are recent graduates from the UK’s most prestigious arts and educational institutions. Seeking to land their first job, exhibition or develop their network of contacts, these members - at the pulse of the new artistic trends - make up in charisma and motivation what they lack in experience. They have a hunger to contribute their progressive and newly honed skill set and are the new generation of Next Big Things.


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