The Robot That Totally Saved Cleveland
The Robot That Totally Saved Cleveland
Mutant Monsters Incoming!!
We need all available robot builders at the ready!!

The Evil Dr. Head Case has released his mutant monsters on Cleveland! Mayor Mitch McMasters has gathered you, the greatest robot builders in the history of ever, to build robots to defeat Dr. Head Case and his Evil Mutant Monsters!

Your reward? The KEY TO THE CITY! and all the other fun stuff that goes along with that. Ya know like fame, fortune, people always telling you that you‘re great, and not being able to go on vacation anymore. Best of all, people interrupting your dinner to get an autograph or selfie with you!

The Robot That Totally Saved Cleveland is a game for 2 - 8 players. Ages 9 - 99. 

Game play is fairly simple. After quickly setting up the table per the instructions, just deal each player 5 cards. Turn over 4 cards from the draw deck to start the discard pile. Turn over the first Mutant Monster, and start taking turns building the best Robot possible to deafeat the monster. 
When you think you have the most powerful Robot, pick up the First Entry Card as your turn. Once everyone else has finished their last turn, players take turns showing off their Robot and tallying up the points. 

The player with the highest score wins the round and takes the Monster card. Collect the cards, shuffle and deal again for the next round. 

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