The Rocket Pen
The Rocket Pen

This project has already launched.

3-2-1...Launch Your Creativity with the Rocket Pen! 

Inspired by rockets, the Rocket Pen + Launch Pad is a sleek click pen that is machined from solid alloy aluminum for a one-piece pen body. No screw-on tip! 

The Rocket Pen is designed to be:

  • Parker Compatible
  • Comfortable
  • Compact 
  • Tough

Write in Zero Gravity!

The Rocket Pen ships with the Fisher Space Pen refill (of course), so you can write in space or any terrestrial angle.




With several successful Kickstarter projects under my belt, a click pen continues to be one of the most requested pen designs.


 "Anti-Gravity" Feature  

The Rocket Pen has an "Anti-Gravity" feature, a flat edge on the pen body to prevent the pen from rolling! 
The flat edge also makes a great finger grip while writing!




 The flat edge prevents the pen rolling and provides a great grip!




The Rocket Pen Prototype Specifications: 

  • LENGTH: 4.99"
  • DIAMETER: .619" 
  • WEIGHT: 2.0 oz
  • INK REFILL: Parker Compatible (ships with Fisher Space Pen #SPR)
Launch Pad Prototype Specifications:
  • HEIGHT: 1.08"  
  • DIAMETER: 1.36"  
  • WEIGHT: 2.3 oz









The Rocket Pen will be made in Minneapolis, Minnesota.









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