The Rift Documentary
The Rift Documentary

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The Rift

A Journey within a journey - A man’s attempt to conquer the Rift Valley. A son’s attempt to understand his father

The Rift documents Robert Devereux’s attempt to become the first man to walk the entire length of the Rift Valley, from Beira in Mozambique to the Red Sea in Djibouti. Spanning 7 months, 6 countries and just under 6000km The Rift captures Robert’s trek through some of the most beautiful, breathtaking and barren landscapes in the world.


Alongside this physical journey, the film, directed by Robert’s son Louis Devereux, develops into an exploration not only of the African environment, but the landscape of the relationship between father and son. Over the course of their travels together Louis questions Robert’s motives in pursuing this adventure, as well as his role as father. How much is this walk symptomatic of his lifelong need to keep moving and never settle? And can Louis use this as an opportunity to address the hurt his father’s actions over 20 years ago have caused him and his family?


And so the deserts and dustbowls of East Africa become the epic backdrop to a film that explores the nature of adventure, wanderlust and, above all, intimate human relationships.

In our fast paced world of instant gratification where we find ourselves constantly plugged into online networks and increasingly distant from our surroundings it is truly refreshing to be reminded, as this film does, that the slower pace of walking, the connection to nature and the head space that that allows can do wonders for our self growth and for those around us.

It is beautifully shot and is an extraordinary account of an extraordinary expedition.

The film is near completion and we are currently raising funds for the last stages of post-production, marketing and distribution on Kickstarter:



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