The revolutionary way to parent kids in the digital age.
The revolutionary way to parent kids in the digital age.

Parents - you're stuck in the middle.

You want to be good parents. Protect and teach your kids. Indulge them and give them limits. None of this is new.

Your kids spend more time with electronic devices and the Internet than your generation - they are being raised digital,  - which is new, though. Educators and experts preach the wonderful new opportunities and unknown risks of being raised this way, where school, fun, and social lives play out over a wifi network and the cell in their hand is the gateway to everything. 

These days, it seems you are in this sandwich with three layers. Either you can be totally permissive (and the kids always know someone whose parents are), totally restrictive (and remove the kids from their school, their peers, and their chance to fit in later) - or you can play police officer and system administrator to set limits. Even worse - the kids can get around anything you put in place, and the tools to help you are clumsy, expensive or ineffective. 

We are working on a new approach to this problem.

  1. The system will work everywhere. Once you make a rule, it will apply on their phone, computer, tablet, and gaming devices - even within some games, websites (like Facebook) and services (like Netflix). 
  2. Instead of timers and blocking lists, we ask about what's important to you, about the rules of the household, and start to interpret that in restrictions and incentives. We can even show you how others with similar values govern their kids, and the results of that (confidentially - nobody's personal information is given out).
  3. We incorporate these rules into real life. The other aspects of your children's life can be taken into balance here - their chores, responsibilities, school grades and privileges are all part of the package. Any other method seems arbitrary. 

It's never been done before, but once it's built, we believe parents will adopt it because they are hungry for solutions to this complex problem. Once it's in place, companies in gaming, media and social media will want to participate because they don't want to be blocked arbitrarily by parents. 

The vision of RaisedDigital is a world where young people consume electronic content and use digital devices in a manner consistent with the values and goals set by their parents and educators; where the producers of these materials build their products in conjunction with RaisedDigital tools so that their products are consumed or blocked, encouraged or limited in their consumption based on these values.

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