The New Eco-Friendly Chopsticks !
The New Eco-Friendly Chopsticks !

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Introducing Penstix!

Each year more than 80 billion disposable chopsticks are used and thrown away, causing serious environmental pollution and health problems for people. So we created the world’s most compact portable chopstick set that’s easy to carry and fashionable to use.    


-       One piece compact portable design

-       Quick assembly in seconds

-       Tip lock design for ease of use

-       Rocking chopsticks stand

-       Easy cleaning and maintenance

-       Transforms into a stylus for any portable device



Penstix can be conveniently used in any setting and makes eating much more enjoyable and fun.

Look and Feel

Penstix is elegantly designed and comes in three colors. The exterior casing is produced by precision CNC cutting technology with Apple product-like premium finish. Its special coating gives it a unique metallic look and feel plus scratch-resistant protection.

Stylus Function

In the interconnected world of the internet, portable devices are everywhere and connected all the time. To facilitate this trend and help us manage the use of these devices, Penstix also works as a portable touch screen device stylus.

Aid Accessory

In order to promote the wide use of chopsticks, Penstix has an optional rubber aid accessory which can be applied to any set of chopsticks.


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