The Relaxation Club
The Relaxation Club

If you'd like to manage your stress and get the very best out of each and every day, then a membership in 'The Relxation Club' may be what you need.

This will be a web and app based membership platform that gives members an ongoing number of resources from spken word, guided visuslaisation to music to video.

All consumable on your phone, tablet or computer - anytime you need it.

I've been producing and licensing original content to health and well being practitioners (psychotherapists, massage therapists, accupuncturists) since 2006 and now have an extensive collection of resources that are now ready for the general public.

The resources have been produced in collaboration with psychotherapists and counsellors, as well as exercise specialists.

Let's face it... there is a lot of stress in our modern, everyday lives and sometimes just taking a short time-out to breathe, get focussed or to gain another perspective helps immensely.

Having these resources on hand at anytime can be a great relief to the user.

The crowdfunding campaign will provide lengthy memberships at heavily reduced subscriptions and will cover short-term through to long-term subscritions as well as the option for personalised audios.




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