The Red Planet - Exploration Survival Game
The Red Planet - Exploration Survival Game

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Mars holds a secret, a secret so dark it could destroy everything. But are you really the first to find it?....

The Red Planet is a realistic first-person survival exploration game set on Mars in the near future. Set in a persistent open-world, players must scavenge parts, gather resources, and craft and repair equipment in order to survive. It features a dynamic open world full of mysteries and dangers, coupled with a deep Cold War-inspired narrative that explores an alternate history of the Space Race.

Gather and salvage what you can from Outposts, Mine Resources where you can, and Craft what tools you need to survive. All the while you must protect yourself from the environment itself, and a Cold War-era secret that could shift the balance of power on Earth forever. Do whatever it takes to survive the Red Planet.


  • Explore a persistent open-world with dangers lurking over every sand-dune 
  • Gather Resources from the environment and craft new items
  • Discover Schematics needed in order to craft more advanced items
  • Salvage and repair equipment needed to survive Travel on foot or explore the surface of Mars by Buggy
  • Carefully manage your dwindling Oxygen, Water and Food Reserves
  • Experience handcrafted Sound Effects and ethereal Music that envelops the player
  • Delve into a dark intricate plot that explores an alternate history of the Cold War

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