THE RAMEN CHART: 25 Ramen Bowls You Must Try Before You Die
THE RAMEN CHART: 25 Ramen Bowls You Must Try Before You Die

This project has already launched.

Do you want to try the best of the best ramen? This poster illustrates 25 top ramen bowls that are highly recommended by Japanese locals, food critics, and ramen experts in Japan. Mark them off one by one as you try these delicious ramen bowls in person when visiting Japan next time! 


In the past half year, I traveled to Japan and started my ramen journey. Prior to my journey, I did a lot of homework and research of ramen shops, recommendation from foodies friends and other ramen experts. As a result, I have tried 100+ ramen bowls over these 6 months.


The sad part is I don't live in Japan. Every time I came back to the US, my mind is already thinking about re-visiting some of the best ramen bowls that I had in Japan. That's why I design "THE RAMEN CHART," a list of the world famous and high quality delicious ramen bowls in Japan. 

After trying so many superb ramen, these top 25 ramen bowls on THE RAMEN CHART are definitely THE 25 BOWLS that I will recommend to a true ramen lover. Most of these ramen have already received awards from the country, some won the local's most favorite ramen bowls, some even already got very popular overseas too. 

And of course, one of the best bowls I fell in love with is from the first Michelin-ranked ramen shop called Tsuta 蔦

Shoyu ramen at Tsuta 蔦, the first ramen shop who received a Michelin star last year! 

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