The Rainy Day Book App
The Rainy Day Book App

This project has already launched.

In 5th grade, Chad's teacher gave him and his fellow classmates a fun project.

With 20 students in the class, the teacher provided each student a stack of 19 sheets of paper with the name of another student at the top of each sheet. The teacher instructed Chad and his fellow classmates to write down something kind or something they liked about the person listed at the top of each sheet. At the end of the period, she collected the papers and thanked the class for their hard work. Nothing else was said until several days later when she delivered each student a cute bound book titled The Rainy Day Book. 

Paging through the book, Chad and his friends discovered what each person liked about them. Chad learned that Cheri loved his smile and laugh; Bobby thought he was trustworthy; and his teacher thought he was sweet, intelligent, and a beautiful soul. The teacher told them when they were feeling down, sad, or blue to look through The Rainy Day Book to brighten their day. 

This sweet 5th grade project has stuck with Chad for over 30 years. Chad decided to build an app to help each of us brighten our days whenever we are feeling sad or down. 

The most exciting feature of this app is the ability to have your own book printed. We partnered with Kite to print The Rainy Day Book when you are ready to touch, feel, and love it. 

We need your help to bring this project to life. We cannot fund this project on our own. Your generosity will fund the app development and create a community of people looking to bring compassion into their daily lives.

Some important features of The Rainy Day Book app:

  • Have the opportunity to send thoughts on why you love/like/care about your friends.
  • Have the opportunity to receive thoughts on why your friends love/like/care about you.
  • Upload your favorite pictures and assign the kind thoughts to be displayed with these pictures.
  • Gift mode - create a Rainy Day Book for a friend or loved one
  • Journal - with a built in journal, you can put your experiences into words and begin the meaning-making process
  • Receive pop-up notifications about why your friends think you are special. We are used to getting news alerts and social media updates. Why not get notified why people think we are amazing?
  • Print your Rainy Day Book and have it shipped anywhere in the world.
  • The app will be FREE with minimal ads, if any.
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