The Proportioner - Golden Ratio Calipers
The Proportioner - Golden Ratio Calipers

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An elegant instrument empowering you to discover the golden ratio in the world and harmonize your creations with the divine proportion.


The Proportioner empowers you to discover the golden ratio in the natural world and in human-made objects. It also gives you the means to harmonize your own creations with what Pythagoras called the secret of the universe—better known today as the divine proportion or golden ratio.

The Proportioner is an elegant instrument (shown here on its optional magnetic stand).


Due to its precise geometric design, the middle pointer always proportionally indicates the golden ratio with respect to the width of the outer arms (aka, the whole). 


The golden rectangle is an expression of the golden ratio in two dimensions.


The whole is to the larger segment in exactly the same "golden ratio" as the larger segment is to the smaller. The golden ratio is a gateway to the study of sacred geometry.  


The pentagram is replete with golden ratios.


The Proportioner's range is from slightly more than 1 foot to less than 1 inch (320 - 24mm).


The Proportioner indicates the golden ratio from more than 1 foot to less than 1 inch.


Innovative magnetic hinging enables the middle arms to be easily detached and reattached at any time without tools. 


Magnets allow you to convert between golden and traditional calipers.


In traditional caliper mode the Proportioner can be used to transfer measurements from outside or inside surfaces. You can tighten the screw hinge with your fingernail to freeze the calipers in any position.



The optional magnetic stand is shipped flat-packed with the Proportioner. The stand is assembled without tools, simply by pressing the finger joint together at a right angle. Micro bevels laser-cut into the finger joint ensure a snug fit. For the best results I recommend using a few drops of any general purpose glue (not supplied) to make the finger joint permanent.


The stand is easy to assemble.


The stand is highly recommended not only because it provides you with a convenient place to store the Proportioner, but it converts the instrument into an attractive small sculpture when not in use.


The Proportioner makes a great gift. Please back this project today and share it!


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