The Powerful Worship Leader Project
The Powerful Worship Leader Project

This project has already launched.

Worship Intensives Master Class has committed to teaching the skillsets to become a powerful worship leader in an accelerated process. We are hoping to enhance, empower, and impact every church location. We were birthed from the need for better collaboration, better sharing and better mentoring. We believe we have developed a way to share and empower through our cutting-edge training systems.

The vision of creating an accessible coaching platform was developed in the discussion panels of worship leaders at conventions across the country. The Worship Intensives Master Class project is an online training platform designed for singers, worship leaders, ministers of music, and worship pastors. We offer a premium level comprehensive coaching tool, with self-guided development templates.

We believe we have developed the perfect system for worship leaders anywhere in the world. Today it's the only curriculum of it's kind and it's sensitive to the needs of the different local types of congregations.We believe our accelerated course helps fast forward so you are becoming effective right away. 

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