The Positivity Project: Art to Empower our Youth
The Positivity Project: Art to Empower our Youth

This project has already launched.

Welcome to The Positivity Project! 

This project employs art as a fundamental tool to create community and empower young people.

I am raising funds to produce a positive public art making experience that will take place during Art Basel in Miami, FL, which is the largest fine art event of the year in America!

I will collaborate with a group of young artists from a local Miami community center to paint a mural in the Wynwood Arts District. The mural will be bright, colorful, and fun, with the primary objective of the work to represent positive energy. I will prepare the outlines and the students and I will paint the mural in a day. As we paint the positivity mural, we will share smiles and kind words with onlookers and passersby, creating a surge of positive energy in the space!

While I have identified the mural location and a terrific group of youth, we have not yet notified the young artists of their participation in the project because we do not want to break their hearts if our project doesn't get fully funded. Please help us surprise these children with an amazing art experience!


  • Painting Supplies: Mural paint, brushes, rollers, smocks, gloves, drop cloths, tape. $300
  • Film Documentation: A professional film maker has been tapped to create a short documentary detailing the preparation, execution, and follow up of "The Positivity Project". The funds will cover camera equipment rental as well as pre and post production costs. There is also a distribution plan for the film. - $500
  • Artist: Travel, lodging, board. - $350
  • Logistics: Transportation, location operations. - $200
  • Kickstarter Fees - $150

TOTAL = $1,500

If we hit the stretch goal of $2000, I will create custom t-shirts for each child and cater a huge pizza party after the mural is complete! 



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