The Portable Toilet by Red River
The Portable Toilet by Red River


At Red River we wanted to make a product that you could take anywhere, whether you are spending the day fishing, the weekend camping in the wilderness or any kind of emergency.  Having had many bad experiences in the past with digging holes and the bucket, we decided to create and refine the ideal portable toilet.  This toilet would have all of the necessary characteristics: comfortable, sturdy, compact, easy to use and simple.


Our toilet was created with portability in mind.  The Red River Portable Toilet in its compact form has a height of two inches.  That is small enough to keep in the trunk of a car or even pack in your day-pack!

The toilet then vertically expands to ten inches tall for use through a series of supports and springs.

In its expanded state, the Red River Portable Toilet is stable and sturdy.  Our toilet has been tested and is able to support up to 300 pounds of weight.

With its incredible durability, our design is still simple and easy to use.  Pushing in on the four brackets allows for a quick and easy collapse of the product.


The Portable Toilet was intelligently designed to be used on flat ground for a one-time use or to create a semi-permanent toilet for a camping trip.  For normal uses, the user will use a Biodegradable bag for quick disposal.  For longer stays, the user may wish to dig a hole to set the toilet over for even quicker disposal.


We've spent months on design and prototyping.  We've taking this project as far as possible, but now we need your help for the first production run.  You backing this project, will make this a reality!

Manufacturing Plan

Over the past few months we have been building a relationship with a manufacturer out of Taiwan who has had experience with projects like this.  As of February we have received a product back from them and it looks great!

Once we receive the products from our manufacturer we will store them at our storage facility.  From there, we will individually package and ship our finished product to our customers.

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