The Perfect Food:  Delicious, Balanced.
The Perfect Food: Delicious, Balanced.

Why can’t food be delicious, convenient, cost effective, and healthy? Well actually, it can, all while giving back too! The result is: The Perfect Foods.

Sole Foods was born out of a desire to create great tasting, convenient and nutritional foods. We didn’t want to be a void of flavor, “just add water” mix. So we worked and reworked recipe after recipe before the perfect foods were developed. We were so excited about our new food products, but felt compelled not to stop there. 

We had friends, family and eventually community members try our products. We realized that we were on to something big after seeing smile, after smile, after big broad smile. Witnessing those smiles touched our souls and helped us to envision how our products could change the lives of countless people.


That is why for every one of our products sold we donate one to someone in need (the homeless, impoverished, or otherwise malnourished).


This is where PoverTees comes in. Povertees is a non-profit based in Los Angeles that supports and assists the homeless. We will be sending them the perfect foods to distribute to those in need. With your help we hope to grow these efforts and see smiles on many more grateful faces.

Why can’t food be convenient, low cost, delicious and healthy? We know it can.


The Perfect Cookie is a delicious food that has been designed to nourish the body in a way that is refreshing and nutritionally balanced. We are very excited to share this with you.

Up to this point there have been two types of cookies in this world. One is healthy and unappetizing while the other tastes great and is unhealthy. The perfect cookie shifts the paradigm of what a cookie ought to be by making one that is both healthy and delicious. The perfect cookie shows that traditionally decadent cookies can reform into delectables that are good for the body and mind. We achieved this by creating a recipe that perfectly balances nutrition while remaining oh so delicious.

The Perfect Cookie is perfectly balanced. The fiber, healthy lipids, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals are all in perfect accordance with the amount of calories they contain.  This is what it means to be nutritionally complete.

We have created this graphic to help illustrate:

Illustrating how delicious these are is a little more difficult to quantify or show. For that reason we have gathered many testimonials. If you haven’t watched our main video yet, you can see some initial reactions of people trying our perfect cookie. Pure Delight.


"This really is the perfect cookie!" -Oscar, General Manager Enliten Bakery

"Wow! These are great, do you mind if I take a few more?" -Dean, Owner Guru's Cafe

"The perfect cookie is what people are looking for. It's delicious, and healthy...this is the future direction of food." -Mark, Owner Naborhood Bakery

In return for helping us grow to the next level, we will provide you with the following rewards:

  1. (Five) days worth of the Perfect Foods**
  2. (Ten) days worth of the Perfect Foods**
  3. (Twenty) days worth of the Perfect Foods**
  4. Request your own food be perfected

**Each day is based off of a 2000 calorie diet. Foods are partitioned as one dozen cookies or slices per day. Foods come in daily increments and you can choose a custom assortment of how many days of which food you would like. There are Gluten-free varients of all of these recipes as well. As these ingredients are more expensive they may cost marinally more.

As our prefundia visitors you will have an advatage when we launch the kickstarter on June 19th. We are offering amazing earlybird specials. We are giving over 30% off of the normal kickstarter rate to the first 100 earlybirds. They are going to go fast, so keep on top of the campaign!

 The following is our plan for production, as illustrated we will ensure the quality of the perfect cookie remains top notch as we produce batches.



"The perfect cookie was born more out of necessity than anything else. I had a lot on my plate when I realized that my health had been deteriorating through nutritional neglect. I simply didn't have time to focus on eating healthily, which further worsened my health. It was as out of this dilemma that lead me to create the perfect food."  -Jason Griggs-

Here is a more in depth look at developmental history and the burdens that bore the necessity of the creation of the perfect food.

Video Coming Soon!


If we reach our goal it will enable us to do the following:

  • Purchase our ingredients in bulk

  • Make the perfect cookie available to a broader audience

  • Streamline our baking process

  • Research other recipes

  • Expand our product shelf life

  • Help to reinvent FOOD!!!!




       The average american consumes only 15 grams of fiber per day, which is almost half of the 25 grams that is recommended. Because a day's worth of our foods contains the full 25 grams, it is recommended that our foods are eaten as a supplement (less than ⅓ of your daily calories) until your body has adjusted to the recommended daily intake. If this is disregarded you might experience some gastrointestinal distress.
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