The People's Conservatory of Art in Oakland
The People's Conservatory of Art in Oakland

This project has already launched.

The People’s Conservatory trains young arts explorers to envision and create a humane and just world through their art. Our mission is to channel arts creation and performance into artistic endeavors that can promote positive social change. Currently, our teaching artists offer over 150 classes per week to Oakland students at Roses in Concrete Community School– both in-school and after-school. Our programming has been wildly popular with students, parents, and educators and we are now ready to expand. This fall, we will be bringing our offerings to four new locations in the Bay Area, broadening the number of students, families, and communities who can benefit from arts making and empowerment. The funds we raise in this campaign will enable this growth, train additional artist educators and keep these programs affordable for our school partners and the students and families they serve.
Our Vision

It is our belief that young people are inherently artistic with a clearly defined voice and perspective. They are innately informed and acutely aware of who they are, how they’re connected to the world, and that they share a responsibility for an ever-evolving culture. Our task as artist educators is to help them reveal themselves by facilitating experiences that help focus on growth and expansion. To this end, the conservatory curriculum incorporates a wide range of teachings rooted in ethnic and cultural studies. Our faculty members are working artistic professionals and experienced culture keepers who are particularly skilled in working with youth from diverse backgrounds. Our goal is to serve “all of the people” with a dedicated focus on black and brown youth and adults from historically marginalized and economically blighted communities who are often denied awareness of and access to higher arts education. TPC helps young people find their creative voices, re-imagine the communities most pressing social problems, and transform from cultural consumers to cultural producers and the next generation of cultural keepers for their communities. Overall our objective is to train our arts explorers to become the new leaders of tomorrow.

What we do

Phase I of The People’s Conservatory will focus programming for the first 1-2 years “In the field” expanding our arts courses and programming to communities that need it and want it most; through fully-integrated day school arts and after school programs or one-day workshops, teacher trainings and showcases. Programming will be supported by government grants, community organizations, private donors, and by YOU! Phase I will also include the opening of a small arts making space in January 2019 which will house after school and weekend performing and visual arts courses for youth. This space will also provide holiday and arts summer camps which will be supported by tuition, grants, and community fundraisers.

Phase II will set the stage for a large scale state-of-the-art performing and visual arts complex in East Oakland, CA. This flagship location will open its doors in fall 2020 and will include fine arts studios (painting, drawing, sculpture), dance and music rehearsal studios, a photography studio and darkroom, a digital media facility (filmmaking, animation, graphic design), an audio production/engineering studio, a black box theater, writing and creativity spaces, a cafe, and a large multi-media performing arts venue with film screening capabilities. In this phase TPC will become equipped to envelop the demands of the ever-growing Bay Area community and become one of the world’s leading arts presenters and educator providers, as well as be a hub for artists and social justice warriors to convene, collaborate and create.

Our Ask

Your support will transform arts education in Oakland, California – where arts programming has been cut in too many schools. Your generous donation will allow The People’s Conservatory to serve over 750 students in the fall of 2018, and many more in the spring. Here’s how we’ll use your generous gifts for our arts programming in the fall:

· $25 will cover a week's worth of snacks for one of our after school arts programs.

· $50 will cover the cost of one arts class in one of our school programs.

· $100 will cover the cost of two arts classes in one of our school programs.

· $250 will cover half of a semester long arts residency in one of our school programs.

· $750 will pay for an entire arts residency in one of our school programs.

· $1000 will cover a half year long arts residency in one of our school programs.

· $2000 will cover a year long arts residency in one of our school programs.

The People’s Conservatory is by, for and about the community. Our roots are here, our families are here, and the seeds of greatness we plant in our young people will bloom here. This is only possible with support from our community. We can’t do it without you.

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