The Peides Curse: Earth
The Peides Curse: Earth

The Peides Curse: Earth is a game about saving the world from falling into the hands of Evil. The players take on the role of heroes with supernatural powers. These select few have travelled through time into the future, the year 2223 to help the Spirit battle against the arch nemesis, the Evil forces that have taken control over Earth.  

The players, which take on the role of the heroes, shall race against time and with much haste to collect 9 secret codes to open the door to salvation, the Heaven’s door. The players’ strategy and cunningness are tested as they are trapped in the battle between the Spirit and Evil.

You shall be tested at every level. How good are you at deciphering and decoding the codes? How patient are you as you laboriously struggle to collect all the codes? Will you ultimately win the race?  


Get to know ‘The Peides Curse: Earth’

The Peides Curse: Earth is a strategy and tactical game that is set in the futuristic world in the year 2223. Earth is facing its most challenging time ever where the threat of total annihilation and catastrophe is almost certain upon all creations of the Originator of Creation.

The players take on the role of the heroes who are embarking on the most audacious and dangerous rescue mission. They face the uncertainty of time travel that bring them to the future year of 2223 where they will join the Spirit and fight a tough battle to stop the power of Evil. In order to accomplish the objective of their mission, the players shall participate in the race of their lifetime to find 9 secret codes that would stop Evil from wielding its power and destroy Earth.

Each player is required to put into motion his or her most strategic plan and creative cunningness to plot successfully and beat the other players to be the first to find all the secret codes. The game uses two different decks of power card play / power travel to help navigate the players to their designated mission destination. In this phase, players must cleverly maneuver their moves to put into motion their plans and strategy. The game play takes on an infusion of race and prior planning. High level of strategy deployment or plotting combined with tactical maneuvers is required.

In the quest to find the secret codes, the players are required to follow the clues which would lead them to where they are hidden. They then need to decipher the code with the decoder dices. Successful attempts shall be rewarded with energy points and battle flags. They are both critical game changer components that will propel the players to ahead in the game.

Meet the Heroes of The Peides Curse: Earth



The last phase of the race shall see them being pitted in the battle between the Spirit and Evil. Here, the players will be able to deploy actions or movements that will keep them safe. The battle card may also be a game killer if it is played correctly. The players need to be extra cautious at this stage because they may well fall prey to 3 ‘surprise’ cards in the stack. This can cause them to deplete their Vourton power and lose a turn when they meet face to face with Evil. However, all is not lost. There are saviour cards that will restore the players’ power immediately and without losing a turn.

The Peides Curse: Earth is ultimately a game of deceit and of tricking the players’ opponents with good tactics and strategies. Some players may find that this is a game that is quite ruthless and requires the utmost shrewdness on their part. Decisive construction of strategy or action will give the players an edge and a winning advantage in both the attack and defend positions in the game with well-planned movements. And its climax, the game may even take on a strong element of being destructive to the other players, causing perhaps extreme harm or damage to their gameplay.


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