The Ontos Project
The Ontos Project

What Is?

The Ontos Project is a collaboration of voices, seeking truth, by asking one question: What Is...?

Ontos is a greek word that means "What Is", and our goal is to ask that one simple question.  The first two topics that we are addressing are church and community.  Not how to do church or community, but what are they? 

What is Church?

When you take away all of the opinion and stylistic issues, all of the things that cause infighting between churches (worship style, congregation size, demographics, etc,) what is church, why are we there on sunday morning ( or whatever day you go), what is the role of church, what is church, and what is The Church?

if you get 100 people from 100 different churches of varying sizes and traditions, and ask them that question, you'll get a pretty similar answer, because when you strip away all of the style and opinion, church is about teaching, but it's about so much more than that, and we've lost that in a lot of ways.  For so many people church is about content delivery, and only that, and we have people wondering why their spiritual life seems so stagnant.

What is Community?

On the community question, we have a generation of people who have a huge online community and they equate that with real community, and it's not, that's just a network, but most of those people may comment when something bad happens in your life, but they won't bring a meal, they won't sit with you, they won't cry with you, they will just share their virtual support.  And there's nothing wrong with that, as long as you have people who will actually be there with you, sharing that burden with you, or in your happy times, celebrating with you.  But, many people don't have that level of community, and when they really need it, it's not going to be there.  They just have a warped view of what community actually is.

Why is "What Is" so important? 

Because if you don't know what something is, how can you effectively use it?  This project began with 2 questions: What is Church? and What is Community?  These are vitally important questions, questions that people are hungry for, but don't know exactly how to ask.  We have gotten so caught up in the details, in opinions, in distractions, We ask how, why, when, buy we have lost sight of a very important question: What. 

So that's what the ontos project is all about, asking "What is" so we can get back to a real understanding of what these things are, and not our culturally warped views of what they are. 

Our desire is to explore these questions and start some very important conversations. 

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