The Nomad
The Nomad

The Nomad

The most versatile cookware on the planet


The Nomad is the most versatile cooking stove on the planet. So keep reading, its going to change your life.

Lets delve into what makes the Nomad unique.

1. The Nomad comes with the stove built right into the pot. This is very similar to the stove top coils  you are used to using but portable. 


 2. The Nomad is completely encased in a silicon material.

      Silicon is the black material often found on pot handles. That means no more burning yourself. You can literally grab           the pot while it is boiling water and move it to a new location. 

3. Completely Electrical

     Rather than burning gas, the nomad runs off of a battery. Will last 4-6 hours and can be recharged.

4. Ergonomic handle

     Since the pot doesn't get hot the nomad offers a unique mug like handle for easier handling

5. Lockable lid


      Because spilling is the worse


So Where Can I Take My Nomad?

The questoin really is where can't you take your nomad? Like its name indicates, the nomad is meant to travel with you.

Need some ideas:




Skiing Trips for a Lunch or Drink  









Road Trips-Cook in the car or hotel                                         Or store it for Emergencies



 Or store it for Emergencies











What Would you do with yours?

This is a group project from students at BYU. We are working on creating The Nomad and think it is a great idea. We would appreciate all sorts of feedback about what you think. What would you use this item for? Would you buy it? Is there anything that could be improved upon? or if you have any questions.

Email us: at

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