The Next, Best Multifunctional site ever
The Next, Best Multifunctional site ever

This project has already launched.

Hello all,

I need some help marketing my crowdfunding campaign.  Here is my "press release"
Wikishopline - The Next, Best Website Multifunctional Site ever!
There are lots of different crowdfunding campaigns. Have you ever heard of one that has an ambitious goal of overtaking Amazon? Or one that has a combined shopping, freelancing, classified ads, jobs, video sharing, car and home sales and rentals, etc. sections all-in-one site?
How about one that offers campaign backers DOUBLE their money?
Wikishopline currently has a campaign on: Wikishopline Crowdfunding Campaign
The first stage of the project is live and ready:
The goal is to have a multifunctional site with millions of products and services. We just started and hope to reach lots of people. Please support out campaign, share and get well-rewarded.
I hope you like it.  I am new to all of this and hope to get some help.
Thank you!
Darryl Clow

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