The Neck Hammock: Portable cervical traction that you can use anytime, anywhere
The Neck Hammock: Portable cervical traction that you can use anytime, anywhere

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Neck pain relief at your finger tips, use anytime, anywhere...

If you have neck pain, you probably have tried medications, physical therapy, and chiropractic care to manage your symptoms. However, more often than not, these treatment strategies simply aren't enough.

That's where The Neck Hammock does the job that others simply can't.

It comfortably provides traction to the neck which helps to stretch muscles and separate the joints in your cervical spine, causing a huge sense of relief and relaxation. This separation can help to take pressure off of your spinal discs and the nerves that travel down your arm decreasing your pain, and increasing your quality of life.

Why Buy The Neck Hammock?


  • A proven alternative to medications and surgery for some patients
  • Cervical traction forces are directed to the back of the head to prevent compression of the TMJ
  • The user remains in total control of the force at all times by either increasing or decreasing the tension of the shock cords.

Cost Effective

  • Hundreds of dollars less than closest competitor
  • Innovative design replicates clinical traction and promotes consistency of treatment
  • Patented system designed to reduce neck pain

Easy to Use

  • A portable treatment solution for neck traction that can be attached to any door, pole, railing, etc.
  • Patented padding ensures a snug comfortable fit, places forces through base of the skull rather than pulling on hair or ears.
  • Quick and simple patient set-up enables cervical traction without assistance


  • Requires same amount of space as iPad mini to store.
  • Excellent for business travelers and people on the go.
  • Use at the office, hotel room, or at the airport while waiting for your next flight.


Use at the office

Great for hotels after a long meeting

Perfect cool down after a workout

Airports!! Instead of sitting ALL day long, why not decompress on your layover??

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