The MyBanana Bumper
The MyBanana Bumper

Best Bumper ever made for iPhone 5/5S.

The Idea

When Apple introduced the iPhone 4, along with it came the widely discussed and famous iPhone 4 ‘Bumper’. It was pretty cool. It did what it was supposed to (protecting the iPhone, that is), stayed out of the way (minimal) and also added a little extra color in your life (if you wished to).

It turned out quite successful for several reasons. Pretty much everyone who had an iPhone 4 had a bumper (Apple giving it for free for some time may have had something to do with that), but soon people got fed up with it, it got dirty very easily, it was fairly bulky and they wanted change.

[insert dirty iPhone 4 bumper personal experience - we've all had one]

The MyBanana Bumper

The MyBanana Bumper comes to solve all these issues. It’s barely there at a maximum thickness of just 1mm, it protects the iPhone 5 and 5s from every angle (except for direct hits to the screen and back of course, so maybe you should only live your life on flat surfaces), it’s interchangeable and guaranteed never to ‘bore’ you with 5 included colored clips and it also enhances the exceptional design of the device, instead of hiding it away.

 The MyBanana Story

Ever since the first iPhone was introduced, we fell in love with Apple. It was love at first sight in a way, since it was at that point that we realized the potential of smartphones and the awesomeness of Apple products.

With the introduction of the iPhone 4, it was pretty clear that the iPhone was a huge success. Everyone had one. But they were all the same. Accessories were always abundant, but after working at an Apple store for a few weeks, Mike realized that no one ever really found exactly what they were looking for, something unique, something that would cover their every need, something personal.

This is where MyBanana came in. MyBanana was established to become the ‘place to go’ when it comes to Apple accessories. The name comes from the fruit connection (Apple and Banana), combined with the personal aspect that an accessory attaches to every Apple device, making it your own iPhone, unique; your Banana.

MyBanana’s mission is "to provide the most extraordinary accessories to every gadget enthusiast around the globe".

Specs - The Coolness factor

Some more specs:

Why we think it's so cool??

  • At a maximum thickness of just 1mm (minimum 0.5mm), you can safely say it is... barely there!
  • Still, it protects your iPhone 5 (and 5s) from EVERY angle - except for direct hits to the screen and the back - but hey, it is a bumper we are talking about here after all! (Perhaps you should try living your life on flat surfaces! Only joking...)
  • Piece of cake to install
  • It supports lanyards! (which are not included in the package btw..)
  • What's more, this Bumper is guaranteed NEVER to 'bore' you! With 5 different colored clips included with each Bumper, you will have a color for every mood (or for every day of the (working) week, whichever makes you smile!)
  • And for all the (true) iPhone lovers out there, this is a Bumper that DOES NOT take away from iPhone's exquisite exterior beauty - in fact, this Bumper enhances the exceptional design of the device! There we said it!

Color Options 

The MyBanana Bumper comes in four main colors. These are Black, White, Ice and Pink. 

A special Kickstarter Green edition and an extra colour voted by our amazing backers will be specially made for this campaign. Details will follow after the campaign has ended.

Black iPhone

White iPhone

You will be able to choose your desired color after the campaign has ended.

The Clips

Each MyBanana Bumper will come with 5 different clips

The colors of the clips will be Yellow, Dark Grey, Red, Pink and Silver.

Every package will include 1 Bumper and 5 colored clips.

The Rewards

£10 - Awesome MyBanana T-Shirt that will make your friends jealous

£19 - One Bumper - Choose your own color (normal SRP £25!)

£21 - Special Kickstarter Green Bumper Edition (exclusive!)

£1000 - 3 day holiday with the founders in Greece - Priceless

Production/Manufacturing plan

We have finalized the design and molding, we have found a manufacturing partner and we are ready to start producing as soon as the campaign comes to a happy end. Our partner has a very long and successful experience in the production of Smartphone accessories and we are absolutely confident they will be able to over-deliver the quality standard that we are expecting from them. 



Shipping & Packaging 

As shown in our video, we take extra care of our packages and we treat every single one as if they were our babies. In a way, we are treating you, our customers, as if you were our babies! Packaging is the most important factor of the current success of MyBanana. Our customers love the personal touch added to their order. It is something you can’t find anywhere else these days, not even offline, and it makes us special. This is why we will never change this, however costly and time-consuming of a process it is. The cases will be shipped from Hong Kong to our location in Bath, UK around December. This is the only way we can prepare each and every package for each and every one of you and add the MyBanana touch that we are so well known for. You could say it is our legacy.

This will allow us to ship everything around the end of December, so we expect all orders to be delivered either late December or early January. We have backed several projects on Kickstarter and we know how frustrating it is for your order to be delayed. We have calculated for every delay possibility and we dare to make the promise that you will have received your MyBanana Bumper by January.


 We will deal with it.

We are still working on the design of the package for the MyBanana Bumper. We would really love to hear your ideas and get your support on this. It has to be perfect!

Reviews and Testimonials 

Our friends and relatives and our amazing friend from Cult of Mac have been introduced to our first samples and this is what they have to say about the MyBanana Bumper!

Contact – How to get in touch 

We pretty much respond to everything. 

1. You can message us here. 

2. You can email us at (don’t be afraid to say hi) 

3. You can find us on Facebook

4. You can even find us on Instagram 

5. And feel free to tweet about us @MyBananalicious

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