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"Where the Wild West meets your chest and the bicycle rack meets your back."

A quick update for everyone. Our Kickstarter campaign will be launching soon. Don’t forget to follow us to capture a VERY limited early bird special offer. We will let followers know immediately when we are launching. We are working very hard behind the scenes to bring you a great product and we have some very exciting updated news soon for everyone!!! Thank you for your support.

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 Introducing a new form of pannier for your bicycle and everyday needs.

Even if you don’t like bicycle panniers you might like these easy to carry bags and our rewards.

These bags are unisex and not for unicycles. These bags work fantastically well without a bicycle!

We, Left-Handed Branded (, want to thank everyone in advance as we are very excited to bring The Mula to this forum prior to our launch on Kickstarter. We need your help. We are reaching out to the Prefundia community to support our campaign through early sign up and feedback as we prepare to launch our product on kickstarter. Many thanks in advance for all you help and support. Please do let us know what you think about The Mula in the comments below.

The Mula is a high quality bicycle pannier that easily attaches to the rack of you bike and can be easily carried around while being comfortable, stylish and easy to use for your everyday needs. 

Our journey started almost two years ago when we became fed up taking the pannier bags off our bicycles and carrying them around town. They were / are uncomfortable and awkward, especially if you are shopping or meeting people. We therefore took it upon ourselves to review this whole situation and develop a new bag that can work for everyone. As bicycle aficionados we recognise that today the bicycle is the modern equivalent of the workhorse and these horses only use a fraction of their cargo carrying potential. We began to cross breed the horse and bicycle many years ago. While our initial genetic testing was a failure we have finally cracked the code. We have now developed these limited edition bags to combat the awkwardness of carrying pannier bags. We have gone through countless iterations to develop a bag that can easily attach to your bike, be extremely comfortable to carry around, be handsfree and provide high performance & durability.  

The bags are lined with bonded leather to provide a water proof interior and available in small, medium and large sizes and in more colours than a mantis shrimp can see.

Born in the Bronx, developed in Detroit and made in Michigan, The Mula is the luxury item for 2016. These bags have been handcrafted and handmade in Detroit using high performance fabrications. 

As you know If you live in the city like Detroit you cannot leave anything attached to your bike - including your bike - right now we are final stages of perfecting the bike attachment system that secures your bag to any bike rack without adding any discomfort when you carry the bag around.

We like to peddle to vintage heavy metal but if your bike has a rack we have your back. 

The Mula is the perfect workhorse that’s not just for your bike, but also your everyday needs.

We really want you to back this project and we want to provide you with a high end product. We have a lot of great rewards and a truly wonderful bag. In Tandem we can meet and maybe exceed our goal. 


Leather & non-leather vegan options are available in durable scotch guard canvas & denim fabrics.

We are sourcing all our leather from Horween Leather based in Chicago, one of the oldest continuously running tanneries in the United States, and suppliers of some of the finest leathers available. These are the same leather suppliers that Shinola uses for their products.

Key Milestones:

  • Early 2016: Design, develop, manufacture, and test the The Mula prototype.
  • June:  Pre-launch on Prefundia
  • July: Launch The Mula on Kickstarter
  • August - October:  Finalize design and manufacture.
  • November - December:  Ship The Mula to Kickstarter backers 


We will not be offering these prices at retail. The prices are set to give you a great deal for a great product as such all the rewards and products in this campaign will be limited editions and bespoke only to the kickstarter backers. 

Please let us know about our reward offerings!

  • $30 Limited Edition, Backer Only Edition, Ankle bracelet/strap.
  • $49 Limited Edition, Backer Only Edition, Ankle strap & Limited Edition Reflective Bandana.
  • $189 Denim Bag (non bike attachment version)
  • $250 Canvas Bag
  • $600 Leather bag (Black or Tan)
  • $650 Leather bag (color)

Risks and challenges

The only Risk or Challenge would be the time these will take to produce. Producing anything at high-volume poses a number of problems. With that said we're not starting from square one. We have made a large number of samples and we are already in discussion with well known local cut and sew manufacturers in Detroit about producing in volume. We are confident that we will ship you your bag that will exceed all your expectations. We believe in transparency and communication, so our backers will be the first to know about any unplanned hurdles or delays. 

We are so excited to offer this product to the world, and really would like to thank you for your time and support! We are looking forward to our launch on KICKSTARTER.

We understand that everyone can't make a contribution but that doesn't mean that you can't help. If you know anyone who might be interested, please let them know. Join our mailing list and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more information. 

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"So put the wild west on your chest and take the pannier off your rack and put it on your back." 

We have butchered a mighty fine poem to bring you our Ode to Cycling. 

May the road rise up to meet you
and keep it stable while you roll. 
May the Sun always be on your face 
and the wind always at your back. 
May the rains fall softly upon the field, 
and not on you. 
May you see every rainbow in every storm 
and with every sigh, a soft sweet song. 
Love, laugh, work and play.
A laugh, a kiss, ah yes, all these things I too shall miss.



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