The Motivo Tour - A New Walker Designed for People, Not Patients
The Motivo Tour - A New Walker Designed for People, Not Patients

The Motivo Tour is an entirely new type of walking aid, designed to provide greater independence, ergonomics, and personal style.




Reactions from testers after trying the Tour prototype...  


"I haven't been able to walk this far in 4 years." 

- Betty, Milwaukee, WI 


"I feel like I'm using about 1/2 the effort because I'm more upright." 

- Barbara, Milwaukee, WI 

"You feel embarrassed enough having to walk behind one, you might as well have one that's a reflection of you."

- Wendy, Milwaukee, WI 


We both had parents and other family members who had to use mobility products.  We were sorely disappointed with the available options and saw firsthand the challenges of existing walkers.



Jeremy's late Father Ben & Jennifer's Mom Susan


The basic two-wheeled, tennis ball sporting walkers didn’t have any of the daily convenience features to help them be more independent, like a seat, storage area, or a tray for food.  While the four wheeled walkers that did have some of these features had fixed seats in the way that prevented them from walking inside the unit and upright the way doctors wanted them to walk.

Beyond the functional aspects, the design of the models available were so ugly and medical looking that our parents really didn’t even want to be seen with them. 

We thought our parents deserved better - Products designed for people, not patients. 




We both quit our design jobs and after more than 3 years of consumer testing, market research, design, and R&D we're on the verge of launching our very first product - the Motivo Tour. But we need your help to make it happen. 




We spent more than 300 hrs. interviewing current walker users and health care professionals to best understand the needs of today's walker users. We brought them numerous rounds of prototypes that we hand built ourselves for them to test and offer feedback on.

The Tour has been engineered to meet the most stringent US and International standards. We've filed multiple US and International patents, and have worked tirelessly with our domestic manufacturing partners to ensure that the Motivo Tour is made right here in the USA.








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  • Upright Walking – Users can walk upright and INSIDE the Tour vs. hunched over and behind it, without sacrificing comfort or convenience.  This is enabled by the Tour's patent pending stow-away seat not always being in the way of your natural stride, like on most other walkers with fixed seats.


  • Easy Reach - Walking inside the Tour also allows users to get much CLOSER to everyday items (e.g. sinks, countertops, grocery shelves, etc.) without having to reach all the way over a walker.  Plus, being able to spin the Tour right around you allows for far greater maneuverability in tight spaces.

  • Modern Design – Combined with contemporary styling, the Tour offers unique customization with the choice of multiple colors of our 5-layer automotive grade finish and removable graphic sets to personalize the exterior. Click HERE to see all of the current options.

                                  Click HERE to see all of the Graphic Set options

    • Light Weight – Borrowing lightweight yet strong monocoque technology from the aerospace industry, our proprietary design allows the Tour to be as light or lighter than other walkers with even less features (~15lbs).

    • Unique Convenience – Featuring a stow-away padded seat, a folding tray with multiple cup holders, and private permanent storage that doesn’t have to be emptied or removed when folding it up like other walkers, the Tour makes life easier. Click HERE to see the interior and convenience features.

    • Made In the USA – Our goal was always to have the Tour produced here and thanks to our unique design, we are able to do just that.

  • Lifetime Warranty – To give you and your loved ones piece of mind, we're backing the Motivo Tour with a limited lifetime warranty.

Why We Need You

We believe in designing products for people not patients.

We’ve poured 3+ years into honing the Motivo Tour to deliver on that mission, but now we need your help to make it a reality.  Your contributions here will help fund the necessary manufacturing equipment and build the initial inventory for the product launch. 

We greatly appreciate your support of reinventing the walking experience for all the parents, grandparents, loved ones or anyone else out there that just might need a little extra help getting around. 

Risks and Challenges

To this point, we've overcome many challenges to create the Tour. We've spent significant time over the past three years working with our manufacturing partners to mitigate as many risks as possible. It is our goal to be transparent with our community about challenges, including the following:

Ship Date: 
We have built in extra time for the manufacturing process and are confident we will ship by the projected dates. However, there is always a chance that things will take longer than planned. Pledges will be fulfilled in the order they were placed. The Tour will be shipped using FedEx/UPS Ground for free within the Domestic USA. International shipments will be handled separately at an additional cost.

Product Changes: As we refine the Tour based on additional community and user feedback and more product testing, slight changes may be made. We'll only make changes that enhance your overall product experience.

Supplier Coordination: We will be working with the best suppliers to source the best materials and ensure the Tour is developed correctly. Every supplier has its own potential challenges, which may affect our production schedule. 


Product Specs (approximate):

  Size- Opened:

  Width: 24in 
  Length: 24in 
  Height: 39in  

  Size- Folded:

  Width: 24in 
  Length: 10in 
  Height: 39in 

  Product Weight:
  Approximately 15 lbs

  User Weight Capacity: 

  User Height Range:
  5’1 ft. - 6’3 ft.

  Front: 8in
  Back: 6in

  Hand brakes with locking parking feature

When Can I Pick My Color/Graphic Options?
Following the end of the project, backers will be contacted to confirm color and graphic options.

Product Durability:
The Tour is manufactured out of tough automotive grade materials, featuring a 5-layer UV protected finish.  It is engineered to exceed the most stringent ISO international standards and is rated for up to 300 lbs.

Graphic Durability:
The Tour Graphic Sets are also automotive grade, UV protected and designed for years of use.

Will There be Other Graphic Options?
Absolutely!  Let us get through this initial launch, but watch our website for updates.

The Tour will come fully assembled.

Height Adjustment: 
Quickly accomplished with a single hand knob on each side while the Tour is in its normal upright position – no need to turn it over like most other walkers.

How Does it Fold up?
A quick press of the release latches on either side of the Tour allows it to be folded up like a book for easy transport.  Simply open the tour back up fully and the latches will self-engage again.  Convenient carrying handles are provided on each side as well for ease of loading/unloading.

Not coded for Medicare, but still eligible through your private insurance.

Where To Buy:
You can Pre-Order now on this site to lock in the lowest possible rate.  Otherwise, the Tour will be available this fall through our website or a dealer near you.

If you’re interested in becoming a dealer, please contact us at

Other Motivo Products: We’re working on developing additional products for the Motivo brand. Please check our website for updates.

Additional Questions: 
If you have any additional questions please email and our team will get back to you in a timely manner.

We’ll be updating this FAQ as needed during the campaign...

Thanks again for supporting a better way to walk.

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