The Most Vibrant and Unique Home, Garden and Automotive Accent Lighting to come to market!
The Most Vibrant and Unique Home, Garden and Automotive Accent Lighting to come to market!

Midnight Expressions is a new patent pending product that will change the way we enhance our space. Whether you want to bring a little magic into your backyard, home or vehicle this product will do it for you.

What are they and how do they work?

Midnight Expressions are available in a number of shapes that are bordered in electroluminescent wire with many eye popping colour variations. They can be powered by plugging them into your home or can run of 12 volt from your vehicle, with the right power adapter which we will offer.  We will also offer an affordable solar charging station for those outdoor places that you have no access to an electrical outlet.  The design of Midnight Expressions is extremely versatile, you can have one accent or hundreds. There is no limit. They can be linked to each other, hung as a string of lights, staked into the ground or can be mounted face down onto glass.  They are weather proof and can withstand the hottest summers and the coldest winters.  These accents will come in many shapes including seasonal for an easy install yet eye catching display for Christmas, Halloween, etc.

What makes Midnight Expressions different from any other product in their category?

Not only is it the large selection of vibrant neon colours, but unlike the competition for home and garden accent lighting these colourful shapes can be seen from up to 200 yards away. The colours and the soft glow they have gives your space a very relaxing and magical feel, and will turn heads.


What is our goals and future plans with this product?

We are working on designing controllers and apps to create an interactive experience with Midnight Expressions. From controlling brightness, fading in and out and even sound controlled.  We will create a superiour quality product that is interactive and will change the game of Home and Garden Technology.

Why do we need the funding?

Currently all models and prototypes are built using a 3D printer and a laser cutter. By achieving our funding goal we will be able to have plastic injection molds created to dramatically cut down on cost per unit at a very high production rate.  We will also use the funds to design more seasonal products and continue to develop an app and controller to give the consumer an interactive product.

Risks and Challenges

We are on our last version of the prototype to ensure that the product will be user friendly before our kickstarter campaign is launched.  With much research and background checks we have chosen our manufacturer whom is capable of creating the highest quality product.  There may be unforseen delays, however we will do our best to get your product to you as quickly as promised.




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