First pocket air cleaner and odor neutralizer - UC1
First pocket air cleaner and odor neutralizer - UC1

What is UC1  

UC1 is a portable multi gadget that contain most important functions for everyday.

UC1 is a first portable photocatalytic air cleaner and odor neutralizer wich you can take to any place (home, work, car, hotel room) and breathe absolutely clean air (without any pollutants, bacteria and bad odors). Also we put inside UVC sterilizer,  13600 mAh battery which can charge two device together and Qi standart wireless charger.



  • Photocatalytic air cleaner and odor neutralizer

  • UV sterilizer

  • Air sensor kit

  • 13600 mAh powerbank

  • Qi wireless charger

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1 The main function of UC1 is a innovation photocatalytic air cleaner and odor neutralizer

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2014, the world each year about 3.7 million people die because of air pollution. The total number of deaths associated with exposure to contaminated air in the premises and in the atmosphere, up to 7 million per year. According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, WHO, air pollution is a major cause of cancer. A lot of people think that indoor air is more safety and clean, but it is a great mistake. Indoor air at 4-6 times dirtier than outdoor and 8-10 times more toxic.

UC1 photocatalytic air cleaner can purify up to 99% all pollutions. Photocatalysis for the abatement of air pollution at the molecular level. He does not retain harmful substances, and decomposes them completely harmless components - carbon dioxide and water. For example, using photocatalysis dangerous carbon monoxide (CO) is easily converted into harmless carbon dioxide (CO2).

Cleaners will help you to get rid of:
Smell of smoke (including stale tobacco smell, ingrained in the walls and household items..);

The smell of rot, spoiled products of decomposition;
Smell of pets;

Smell of building materials after a repair, including odor of paints, varnishes, solvents, etc .;

Smell cuisine of burnt fat;

The smell of mold, musty, basement smell, non-residential premises

Smell of burning (including after the fire..);

The smell in the car;

Smell of ammonia, methane, hydrogen sulfide, volatile fatty acids, etc., Formed in the putrefaction and decomposition of organic substances.

Conduct a decontamination (disinfection) of premises:

Destruction of microbes, viruses, bacteria;

Preventive disinfection in acute colds;

Destruction of mold, fungus;

Destruction of allergens - to relieve the state of allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

Cleaners can help:

Clean air from organic impurities (benzene, ethyl acetate, formaldehyde, phenol, gasoline, acetone, and all others);

Clear air from car exhaust and gas cookers combustion products;

Ionized air negative oxygen ions.

Clear air from the fumes of synthetic building materials (styrene, phenol, formaldehyde, etc.) are in the laminate, chipboard, fiberboard, siding, lacquers, paints, etc.

2 Next important function is UV sterilizer

UV Sanitizing Lamp
Kills Germs and Illuminates Contaminants
Get rid of germs and bacteria with a wave of this UV wand. It also serves as a lamp so you can illuminate surfaces and see biological fluids.

Rechargeable battery makes this unit fully portable.

Utilizes short-wave UV for swift killing of sickness-causing organisms including HIV, H1N1, H7N9, norovirus, MRSA, c. diff, e. coli, salmonella, the common cold, tuberculosis, flu, and many more.

Has a child lock feature to prevent unintended use.

3 Sensor kit

VOC Sensor

Dust Sensor

Germ sensor

4 Inbuilt battery 13600 mAh which can charge two device together

tel_0000_Layer-113600mAhtel_0004_Layer-5Micro-USBtel_0001_Layer-25,0 V/2.1A tel_0003_Layer-418650 Li-iontel_0002_Layer-3> 500tel_0005_Layer-61A/2.1A

5 Wireless charger

Power output  1a

Standart          Qi

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