The Misfits
The Misfits

The Misfits

It’s all about the cash!

The fast paced third-person arena shooter is back with a vengeance! Headshots, 360 no-scopes, jumping parkour, explosions and thousands in stolen bags of cash...

Game Play

The Misfits is a fast paced stylized third-person arena shooter with one objective in mind... Kill or be Killed, so you can steal all the cash and take it to the bank. We have three classes to choose from, jumping no scope kills, 8 arenas ranging from close quarters to sniper size maps. Take cover, sprint, crouch, jump, slide your way into position to eliminate players during the day/night cycle. You can shoot your opponents in our team based game modes, or if ADS isn’t your strong suit, just run around picking up cash to help your team win on our objective based game modes.

  • Classes 3 light, medium and heavy
  • 8 arenas to choose from on release
  • 8 team oriented game modes
  • 6 characters to choose from with more planned
  • Planned for early access on Steam PC/MAC
  • 2 to 20 player matches

Strech Goals

  • Survival Arena
  • Mutatiors
  • Private Room Support
  • Co-op Campaigns
  • Player Syndicates (Social)
  • Additional Arenas
  • Additional Characters
  • Additional Weapons
  • Integrated Voice Chat



“It’s still early in development but The Misfits is already doing a lot of things right. The comic book visuals give the game a lot of personality and there’s a lot to be said for it’s streamlined take on the arena shooter in a market full of bloated, impenetrable messes. If you want to fiddle about with loot boxes, perks and weapon attachments play Call of Duty, but if you want an arena shooter that focuses on what really matters come join The Misfits.”

Alpha Beta Gamer


About Us

Pig Dog Games is a small indie startup working comprised of 5 core members with 12+ years of development experience behind them. We've worked on multiple shipped titles for studios like Sony Online, Namco, Electronic Arts, Rocketeer Games. Our focus is making AAA titles for pc, mac and console. We've decided to go all-in on creating our own studio with zero budget and tons of coffee. We are technically minded and driven to make memorable and engaging gameplay for the casual and hardcore gamer a like.

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