The Mini Spinner
The Mini Spinner

This project has already launched.

Latest trend on Spinners has arrived to Kickstarter. Today "the Mini Spinner" has been released on Kickstarter as the smallest spinner in the world, with super early birds perks of only $5!!!

The creators based in New York are sponsored by Kwik World ( and by a 3D printing & Prototyping company (

They are aiming at gathering $10.000 to reach their goal of manufacturing the mini spinner by injection molding. For this they require $4.5K only for the aluminum mold, which is a pretty low value.

The mini spinner consists of an almost 4cm long spinner body, 4 bearings which allow the spinner to spin freely and with the right weight adjustments, 2 caps and 1 strap for making the mini spinner a KEYCHAIN mini spinner.

In the Kickstarter campaign they go through the story of the Spinner, when it was created, how popular it became last year and the new threats to school and work spaces.

The idea came after seeing the Fidget Spinner being banned from schools as the teachers were complaining about the loss of focus on class by the kids. Contrarily to why it was made, according to Jonathan Pilossof, technology advisor for major tech firms:

"Spinners were created with the sole purpose of treating ADHD and other attention deficit disorders. It has been medically proven that the spinner increases the attention of kids who suffer from ADHD at school, the issue now is that it is decreasing the attention of kids WITHOUT ADHD as 'fidgeting' can become highly addictive... but fun!"

Two sides of a same coin, to think twice before getting these for your kids.

Following the saga of the Fidget Cube, which was less intrusive to schools compared to the spinner, this new little gadget is trending now and there are over 50 different models to purchase and more yet to come.

More spinners can be purchased at

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