The Million Pound App
The Million Pound App

This project has already launched.


The Million Pound App will be an advertising platform which has 1,000,000 pixels up for sale to the fastest companies who snap up the offer. It will be made for both the Android and iOS (Apple) Market. Production is already on the way, and we expect the Android version to be completed in 2 weeks, and the Apple version to be completed shortly afterwards.



Click here to play with the app demo. (Yes the grey region is where all the logos will be)



 This is the price on the app once it has been launched. So snap up your early bird pixels while they last and get your brand out there! 

Upload Your Logo

This is a simple process. If you haven’t played with the app already I’d recommend trying it out above but here’s how it works:

  • You type the name of your company and the URL you would like users to be directed to  
  • Upload your logo  
  • Select the size  
  • Payment  
  • Confirmation

And that’s it :). You’re all set to be part of the Million Pound App.



Payment will be made via Stripe. This is a payment method used in over 25 countries. Safe, quick, easy and reliable.


Your logo will be displayed as shown in the image below. Once you upload your logo, it will not be replaced. Once it is etched in history, it will be there for the world to see. 

Increased Traffic

Increase your traffic by letting users zoom in and click on your logo or image. Users will get redirected to your website from across the world.

Launching on Apple & Android

History Repeating Itself

Own a piece of history repeating itself. We are bringing back novelty and history to the new digital age. This is an image of the Million Dollar Homepage made in 2005.

The rights to this image are owned by Alex Tew. The Million Dollar Homepage © 2005 Alex Tew.

Risks and challenges

App creation is subject to the approval of both Android and Apple approving the app to be on the app store.

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