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First of all, why 2.0?

Many of you loved The original METEORITE Pen (175% funded, thanks!) but challenged us to develop a lower cost ballpoint version, so here it is! 

We were able to cut costs by creating a ballpoint twist pen that elegantly highlights a single meteorite barrel. We've also saved on expensive campaign photography and marketing costs by doing it all on our own.  

Lower costs means more savings we can pass on to you! 


Ballpoint Pen Rewards

Your pen will be handcrafted with a single Campo del Cielo meteorite encrusted barrel beautifully complimented by high quality chrome & black enamel plated brass components. Overall length is approximately 5.25 inches.

For an additional $50 you can upgrade your pen by adding MOON DUST from Lunar Meteorite NWA 5000. 

Take advantage of our limited-time Kickstarter pricing of $100 off the anticipated retail price. Save even more if you don't mind waiting in line! 

  • $229 = 1 Pen (Meteorite Only), FREE SHIPPING SPECIAL
  • $230 = 1 Pen (Meteorite Only), shipping in January 2018 
  • $250 = 1 Pen (Meteorite Only), rush shipping by October 2017
  • $279 = 1 Pen (Moon Dust Upgrade), FREE SHIPPING SPECIAL
  • $280 = 1 Pen (Moon Dust Upgrade), shipping in January 2018
  • $300 = 1 Pen (Moon Dust Upgrade), rush shipping by October 2017 

Want to buy multiple pens? Simply double your pledge amount for each additional pen. 






Ink is infinitely refillable using a compatible ballpoint refill. Our personal recommendation would be the Schmidt Easy Flow 9000, which provides for one of the smoothest writing experiences you'll ever have. 

All of our ballpoint pens will be shipped with a Schmidt Easy Flow 9000 fine point black ink refill. Combinations of fine point or medium point, with black, blue, red or green ink colors can be found online or at your local office supply store.

Please keep in mind that every order is individually handcrafted and therefore no two will be exactly alike, although they will look very similar. We take great pride in our craftsmanship and guarantee your pen will be just as beautiful as you would expect, hopefully more!


Campo del Cielo Meteorite

The Campo del Cielo meteorite was first discovered in 1576 in the Gran Chaco Gualamba region of Northern Argentina. It was found on an open, brush covered, waterless plain. Pieces of this meteorite were found scattered over a large area. The aboriginal inhabitants named the area Campo del Cielo, or Field of Heaven. Many fine examples of the Campo del Cielo now rest in museums and personal collections all over the world.

Scientifically, the Campo del Cielo is classified as a coarse octahedrite meteorite. It is made primarily of nickel-iron. Iron (Fe) is the predominate mineral. It contains about 6.68% Ni, 0.43% Co, 0.25% P and traces of other elements. It is estimated that less than 5% of the meteorites that land on earth are of the nickel-iron variety.


Lunar Meteorite NWA 5000

Lunar meteorite is considered to be one of the rarest materials in the entire world, far more rare than gold, platinum, or diamond. Northwest Africa (NWA) 5000 was discovered in Southern Morocco in 2007 and is, to date, the largest and finest lunar highlands specimen in existence.

For complete details on NWA 5000 please visit it's official website:

Disclaimer: This ultra-fine dust is blended into the Campo del Cielo meteorite while crafting your barrel and will not change the visual aesthetics of the pen. Although you won't see it, we guarantee its inclusion with our unique certificate of authenticity.


Certificate of Authenticity

Our meteorite specimens have been acquired from only the most reputable dealers, all who are longstanding members of the International Meteorite Collectors Association.

Each pen is accompanied by a beautiful engraved stainless steel certificate of authenticity guaranteeing the integrity of your purchase.



Apr-Jul 2017 - Product development and campaign preparations

Jul-Aug 2017 - Kickstarter campaign

Sep-Oct 2017- Handcrafting process and shipment of first orders

Nov 2017 - Business travel (Out of office, expect limited support during this time)

Dec 2017 - Jan 2018 - Production resumes and final orders begin shipping



All of our orders, domestic and international, will be carefully packaged, shipped and tracked using United States Postal Service's Priority Mail. This is a safe, quick, and economical shipping option to ensure your pen arrives on time and undamaged. We'll help you out and cover half of the actual shipping costs!

  • Shipping within the United States is a flat rate $4.00
  • International shipping is a flat rate $16.00. Please note that you will be responsible for any additional customs duties/taxes imposed by your country.


Risks and challenges

All pens are manufactured in our workshop outside of Washington, DC. Therefore the two primary challenges we could face during this campaign are (1) materials sourcing and (2) timely order fulfillment.

As we have been crafting a similar product for nearly a decade we already have adequate stock on hand needed to fulfill reasonable demand for this campaign. In addition, we have relationships in place with suppliers and are confident that any additional materials needed can be obtained without delay.

In terms of anticipated order fulfillment, we are certain that we can have rewards shipped in accordance to the timeline we have established. We have already carefully planned out our production timeline to allow for a high possibility of shipping rewards earlier than scheduled. We are prepared to work tirelessly to meet our deadlines and will reach out to backers personally if we experience any delays due to an overwhelming demand.

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