The Masquerade Killer
The Masquerade Killer


UPDATE 11/7: Our Kickstarter is now live! Check it out here!


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Please note that the 3 highest limited tiers are, unfortunately, only available on Kickstarter for the time being and won’t be available on PayPal. If you want a limited tier, please pledge on Kickstarter, and if that’s not possible, please contact us, and we’ll see what we can do!

The Masquerade Killer is a mystery, historical romance, otome game, set in the Victorian era. Join Elvira on her mission to solve a murder while attempting to blend into the upper-class society of London! Which path she takes in romance and life will depend entirely on you.

This project was inspired by the existence of murder mysteries (Jack the Ripper, anyone?) and secret societies in the Victorian era. As fans of mysteries, historical romance novels, and otomes, we decided to mix our interests into one and create an otome with these themes. 

With The Masquerade Killer, we hope to break out of the usual mold of otome heroines and bring an intriguing, proactive, but extremely flawed main character to the table. Moreover, we wish to bring more LGBT representation to otome games, which is why this game has a non-binary and a female love interest.

Please consider helping us bring our project to life!

The Masquerade Killer is a visual novel, which is basically an interactive, choose-your-own-adventure type of text-based game.

Most of the game will involve reading dialogue and narration, with hand-drawn sprites and backgrounds to immerse the reader into the world. At important parts of the story, there will be special CGs to convey the scene.

Every now and then, the player will be prompted to make a choice that will change the main character's relationship with the love interests, her attitude, personality and the events of the game. All choices are designed to be worth exploring — there is no delineation of "right" or "wrong" answers. The player can choose to befriend and learn more about side characters, deepen the romantic relationship with the love interest, or prioritize the investigation over romance! It's in your hands.

Eventually, the player will attain one of the many possible endings based on the choices made throughout the game. All endings are "true" in the sense that there are no "good" or "bad" endings — all are simply possible different outcomes based on the choices you've made throughout the story and the resulting changes in attitude and relationships. The endings are hopefully all different enough to keep each playthrough fresh and entice your inner "completionist" into getting all the endings!


To minimize the risks to backers, we will not be taking any money from the raised funds to pay ourselves for our work (i.e. writing, editing, programming, character art and CGs). The Kickstarter money will only be used to cover expenses we spent for commissioned assets.

With your help, we will be able to recover the money we spent on commissions, so that we can focus more on working on the game rather than taking part-time jobs to make ends meet after our heavy spending! This means the game will be out sooner and end up much more polished!

Any money leftover (including any unused contingency money) will be put into the game as well, which means it is possible we may surprise you guys by meeting an additional stretch goal in the end!



For your convenience, we have prepared a simple chart so that you can compare the rewards in each tier and decide on the tier most suitable for you.



Ebullience Games is an indie visual novel development team that currently focuses on creating otomes. We first met through another otome project called Lads in Distress. Since establishing this studio, we have finished two otomes together (Red String of Fate and AIRIS). If you have any inquiries, please email us at

Leader, Artist - "Greenace"
Our main artist is an experienced game developer, having been in various game and app developing companies for a long time. She was part of the team behind popular apps such as Hotel Story by Happy Labs Pte Ltd.

Writer, Programmer - "Windchimes"
With years of writing experience, Windchimes has worked on a variety of visual novels. She is one of the leaders and writers for the otome, Lads in Distress, the co-writer for Forgotten, Not Lost, and the editor for A More Beautiful World.

Editor - "Perennial Lily"
While new to the visual novel scene, Lily has been an avid reader and writer for all of her life. She is currently working on projects such as Lads in Distress as a co-writer, and she hopes to never stop. A list of projects she's involved in can be found in the link above.

Editor - "Azuumi"
A lover of games, reading, drawing and writing, Azuumi has been infatuated with visual novels for many years. She stepped in as the last minute editor for AIRIS, and is currently working on small personal projects and her art.

Other Commissioned Freelancers

Background Artist - Choirul Abidin
Logo and GUI Artist - Potouto
Composer for Game OST - Alcaknight
Composer for Main Menu and Trailer Song - Alyx
Video Editor - Rito
Artist for KS Assets and Fandisk GUI - WinterMochie

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