The Mashu Project- Create your own sustainable space
The Mashu Project- Create your own sustainable space

This project has already launched.

The Mashu story

"Neither the archaeologist, nor the interior designer, nor the architect, nor the painter, nor the sculptor should furnish our apartment. Who should do it, then? The answer is quite simple: Every man his own interior designer”

From the essay: The interiors in the Rotunda (1898) by Adolf Loos

We wanted to create something that will stay relevant. Something that will not find its way to the trash after a few years of use. Because we believe that interior should reflect a person’s needs as well as his or her personality. This is why we should create our own interior.

It’s easy

The Mashu is designed to be a DIY product. It’s a basic construction element made from plywood that can be easily assembled and customized. Anyone can build and adjust it using the most basic tools – a hammer or a drill will do the trick.

It’s simple

The Mashu is a minimalist building element made from plywood. It is simple – but not simplistic. It can fit into any given space and is made to evolve and change through the ideas and visions of its owner.

It’s friendly

We designed the Mashu to do more and therefore to live longer. It is eco friendly, locally manufactured, original and affordable.

It’s creative

The Mashu allows you to create your own personalized space, without any limitations. By using the Mashu construction as the basic element, you can add and manipulate according to your own ideas. The Mashu can evolve into various combinations – literally into anything: from a simple shelf to a library, an office, a café, a shop or a kindergarden

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