The Magic Within
The Magic Within

This project has already launched.

 As a person with the disability, who has always loved to read, I became aware from a young age that there was a serious lack of characters with disabilities in children's, young adult, and new adult literature. As an author and advocate, I strive to change that by including non-stereotypical portrayals of characters with disabilities in my books. 

My second novel, The Magic Within, is a story that highlights the importance of equality for people with disabilities. The adventure centers around a man with a disability and his search for inner peace while on a quest for acceptance and equality that ultimately to him battling a dragon to rescue his true love. I am confident it will be loved by boys and girls all around the world went to comes to fruition.

Risks and challenges

There are many risks involved in self-publishing. To be perfectly honest, it was not my first choice. After I wrote my first book in 2015 I pursued traditional publishing and received 30 some odd rejection letters. When I received the last of those rejections, I asked myself if I believed in the story enough to keep going. Please know that it was not on a whim and that I not only had my belief and myself but also the support of many other people who had read the book and said they believed it needed to be shared with the world. Although self publishing is a challenge, I like the freedom it gives me as a writer so I decided to self publish my second book as well. For me, the hardest part of the self publishing process is deciding what portion of my budget to allocate to certain areas. I personally put most of my budget towards editing because I know that's self publishing is an uphill battle and that many people will assume that my book is lesser than others and it has many errors because I self-published. I utilize the help of several editors and proofreaders to ensure that is not the case and that my work is the best is the best it can be. With that said, the third round of editing of The Magic Within was recently completed and I'm currently on track to publish in March of 2018. I will keep my supporters posted on how things are going as the project progresses and let people know if that changes for any reason.

Marketing self-published work is definitely a challenge. There are so many ways to market books in this day in age that is hard to know which methods are most effective. In an effort to market my book effectively, I have joined many groups on social media and sought out the opinion of fellow authors to see which marketing methods have work best for them. That being said, I will also take into account any opinions that my supporters may have in regards to how to market my book and will carefully consider any suggestions given. Multiple heads are better than one, so I will take any suggestions that you as my supporters may have in regards to the self-publishing process. I want my writing to make a difference and it will only do that if it continues to reach more and more people, so I will do whatever I can to meet the challenges that I will continue to face when publishing The Magic Within, get to know my readers, and make this project successful.

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