The Lovers
The Lovers

"The Lovers" is a wonderful story — romance, intrigue, danger, laughs. The novel has even been made into a movie. Wanna read it? You can't — unless you can read Russian. (The movie's in Russian, too.)

English-speaking friends of the author, Julia Dobrovolskaya, are dying to read the book — so they've contracted with one of the foremost translation teams in the world — they specialize in English translations of Russian genre fiction — to create an English-language edition of this acclaimed book.

In the video, the author will tell you about the book — well, she'll tell you as much as she's willing to reveal. Once the English-language edition is available, you'll be able to get the rest of the story.

When you donate toward this unique project, you'll not only make "The Lovers" available for your own enjoyment ... You'll be sharing an extraordinary gift with the entire world.

Please pledge generously, and share this project with your friends! Thank you!

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